Stuff I have planned.

I’ve been organizing things and decided to do a couple of things.

First thing is I want to put together a proper little poetry chapbook. I can’t afford a print run but I will be offering it on smashwords. I have a cam and might do a little video reading for it.

I am going to do this mainly because most of the poetry I’ve written in maybe the last three months or so isn’t entirely a good fit for any of the magazines I read so there we go.

I also am still skogging away at my little erotica book. So far it’s about 8k words all in or so. I’d like to do at least another 30-40k or so. Make it a nice little thing.

I just picked up a neoprene case thing for my little computer Bloop so I can get some work in either before I go to the dayjob or after. It’s also waterproof and I’m really happy about that.

I have some new short pieces almost done and ready to be launched into space. I just logged rejection #86 the other day and that was pretty cool. I also got an acceptance for Animal. I am so excited about that one y’all. I don’t know when it’s going up but I’ll let you know.

Also I’ll have a story in Infernal Ink. Arson and hot hot sex. It’s even heterosexual sex holy crap.

I think that’s all for right now. I want to get out a couple of submissions tonight.

Thank you again K. This little computer Bloop has made such a huge and beautiful impact on my work. Thank you.


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