Feeling out of place.

At least yearly this thing happens where everything I write is out of place.

Being that I’m really bad at writing to specs when I’m interested in something, I just write things. I write a bunch of stuff, fix it up and start submitting it.

Lately I’m hitting a nowhere I like to read is printing things like I write type of thing going on. Also apparently my ideas about SF/F/H (Sci fi/fantasy/horror) are pretty skewed.

Also a lot of guidelines I read talk a lot about telling them about your degrees and workshops and conferences. What about those of us who don’t have those?

Now don’t get me wrong being rejected isn’t necessarily the problem. Rejection I am ready for.

I guess I’m having one of those edged out because of reasons feelings.

If I submit a place where they mention specifically that one should talk about degrees, conferences, workshops etc one is involved in what am I supposed to say? Hi I took a few IT college classes, can’t afford to go to conferences and have done two workshops but don’t like them?

So I don’t submit to those markets.

Also maybe I’m overreaching.  Trying to get published beyond my capabilities. That of course is an option.

It is entirely possible I’m going beyond my talents. I dunno.

So it’s that time to sit back, reassess what I’m doing and try to figure out where I am going wrong.

Maybe I will save up some money and take some of those classes and learn how to write a short story.  Try to learn to write so I can workshop things efficiently. Figure out when to take time off for all this?

So righty right.

Other writing business.

I’m 9 rejections away from posting my list of 100.

I have 4 pieces out right now. I’m thinking I’m going to let go of two as they are outliers and for one of them my query has gone unanswered. Also honestly editors even a fuck you stop talking to me is way better than nothing. For real.  So one of those is getting withdrawn today. I always feel so awkward sending those without having gotten an answer to a query weeks before.

I may or may not try to finish what I -think- is a fantasy novella. Given my bad aim lately I may be entirely wrong about what it is. (Said with a bit of bitter amusement) I don’t now.

I also really need to do some studying about self promotion. If at some point I have to go all indie with my shit, I should know what I’m doing right?

And let me say that a lot of my rejections lately have been really lovely. Editors who have said they really like my work but not for their publications. Is it just me or do those make for a bit more author butthurt than a form rejection?  Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always felt that way.

Well whatever else happens I will go back to the drawing board, write and whatnot.

That’s all for now. Probably tomorrow I’ll post my attempt at a sf story and talk about where it went off the rails.



2 thoughts on “Feeling out of place.

  1. I say, when they ask about degrees, answer honestly that you’re a working class writer who took IT classes and participated in a couple of workshops but have been too busy working to get a degree of any kind. (Let’s see if these middle/upper class folks really want diversity or NOT.) I think you can emphasize your publications as well.

    I get why it hurts when they say they like your writing but it’s not for their publication. Sometimes that means just that–they know what their audience is expecting from them and they really love your writing on a personal level but don’t think their audience is looking for your piece from them. It’s hard sometimes to match our style and subject matter to these markets and we take our chances and send something anyway. If they didn’t like your writing, though, they wouldn’t take time out of their busy day to do more than send a form rejection. I think what they are saying is that if you have something more in synch with their publication they’d LOVE to see it.

    Sooner or later you may have such a piece and they’ll be glad to have it.

    Your persistence is inspiring and so keep on keepin’ on. (Have I just dated myself, LOL?)

    1. Thanks Tapati. I know the hows of what to do I just don’t want to play the game I guess. I think part of the frustration is that I know how generally unmarketable I can be so I get fed up. It has been an ongoing thing yearly/few times a year since I was about 19. I’ll be over it in a week.

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