It’s not that dire.


Admittedly I’ve been wallowing in my own emo intellectualism. Yes I just made that up.

I have also been wallowing in ragesads.

Also made up but totally accurate.

Some folks seem to come away with the impression that ALL the writing things are breaking my heart.

They aren’t really. Sometimes due to my previously mentioned painful self awareness. Ahem.

When I am otherwise depressed and exhausted the one thing that takes over is said self awareness and it hurts.

I do feel better.

And things have been weird. One of my front teeth snapped and I need to save up (as of yesterday) 770 dollars to get a cosmetic fix it until I can afford to get to the lengthy process of really fixing up my teeth.  Luckily I recently stocked up on a bunch of personal care and household shit so yeah.

To that end if you have 5$ you can totally buy both titles I have up on Smashwords right now.

What else?

Next month I have new fiction coming out in Animal, Nonfiction in Gravel. And the flash anthology from Solarcide Sinthology is coming soon too. I just about ten minutes ago signed off on edits and my contract.

I’m also so close to the 100 rejection mark. I am so so close about 6 away. I have a large reserve of feelings about it so that post will be a doozy. And I’ll make the whole list available to view as a page. And then start over.

What else?

OH right so AWP is coming here to Seattle next year and I have been invited to read with some other folks.  I am hoping I have my teeth situation under control and I’m pre-emptively nervous. I’ve never been to any kind of conference sort of thing like this and I don’t know how/what to do.

So yeah.

Have any of y’all who read here done the whole AWP thing? Is it scary? What about those of you who might not be widely known? Shit I’m making myself nervous.

That’s all for right now.

I’m okay. Sort of. I’m still in yet another bad insomnia cycle so my moods and whatnot are unstable. I owe several people super tardy emails. I’m working it out.

Thanks for riding along people.



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