Busy busy busy.

Ready for the self promotion post of the week.

Okay first I have brand spanking new non fiction up at Gravel.  This little piece is one of the little things that could, it got rejected a lot and I had honestly forgotten I’d even sent it to Gravel. And then boom there it is.

Next I have a piece over at Fuck Fiction. Another one that was out in the wild for a long time before it got caught. Check that out here.

I realized yesterday I’m pretty fresh out of material to send out so I’ll be not submitting for a few weeks while I shiny up some new stories.

I also (finally) updated my website. I will have to update again in a couple of weeks because I think I have two new things coming out next month or so.

Per usual get everything else to read or buy from me here.

Also if you had planned to buy something from me via smashwords may I encourage you to do so now? I’m saving up to fix my teeth (I’m praying before AWP) because my left front tooth basically snapped in half. The fix I’m saving for is cosmetic because I’m really tired of being so self conscious when I smile. To get my teeth really fixed fixed is going to be about 15-20K and a few years of frequent work. 

So yeah.

I’ve so far saved p i[ 45$ out of 800. 

A few people have suggested I do another gofundme thing I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about that. 

I’m incredibly stressed out about it. I’m embarrassed, I’m trying so hard to save up. I wish you could hear the noise I just made. If this had happened in January it’d be fine. But yeah Summer is lean blablabla. Working poor blablabla.

Fuck me. Basically.

I’m imagining this will wind up as more fodder for too personal essays.

So yeah. Go forth, buy if you like.  I fixed my paypal donation button.

Now if you will excuse me I’m off to go write like a mother fucker.


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