Because good things are sometimes overwhelming.

So holy shit you guys.

Sometimes one aspect of who I actually am makes it so that good things happening is really overwhelming to me and I kind of freak out.

Among the good things are being invited (for the first time) by an editor to contribute to a specially curated project. That freaked my shit right out.



My fundraising/hustling for money to fix my teeth is going way better than I could have dreamed. I’m almost halfway there and I am pretty sure I can cover the rest on my own if  my side hustles fail or I get no more donations.

I’m working on some new stuff. Both fiction and non fiction and the non fiction is frankly like shoving a pine cone unlubed up my ass sideways.

I’ve also been thinking about the good content I write for my other blog and how so many readers have suggested I try to get paid for making it. I’m still unsure about that in general. Something about it is scary to me and I have yet to really break through that particular barrier.

What else?

I’m reading Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Holy fuck what a great book. I mean if you like noir, magic and guns read that shit.

I’m also finishing book four from the A Song of Ice and Fire saga and um, well that review is gonna be a doozy.  I fucking hate this book and I’m staring to really hate Martin as well.

I think that’s all right now.

Time to write like a motherfucker.

Also this little meme thing helps.



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