Oh so hey.

Oh hi there.

Some stuff is happening.

I’m putting the final touches on an important thing and doing the rewrites/editing is making me want to crap my pants so I guess I’m on the right track.

I’m so close to having my teeth situation dealt with. It feels like it is out of reach but I’m working on it and it’s happening but still. It’s fucking hard and it has made trying to write anything decent really fucking difficult.

Again let me remind the universe, poverty isn’t fucking romantic. Being poor makes everything else really fucking hard.

What else am I thinking about?

I decided to read the last book in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga. And the short review is fuck George RR Martin and his shitfuck universe. The long version will happen later on.

On the other end of the reading experience I’ll also be reviewing Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Short version is I really love this book. A lot.

What else?

We know I have the worst crush on Antonia Crane and this entry of hers is lovely. Go read it.

Damn damn damn I had some more links but I seem to have lost them. Awesome.

So some other stuff.

At the Rumpus they are launching their new weekly app thing and they are accepting fiction.  I don’t’ have an iphone so I can’t get it but if any of you do let me know how you like it.  Also at the Rumpus go read today’s Nick Cave Monday.

Via buzzfeed essays that are supposed to change your life. Some of them are really great. Insert the obligatory question about why no modern authors of color. Meh. I can’t do that today.

Over at Litreactor there is this 10 Essential Elmore Leonard post thing and I really like it. I love his work so much, I remember reading several of his books when I was about 15 or so and being so into them.

Via my darling forever Muse Remittance Girl I just read this article about Erotica, Romance or Transgressive material okay just go read it.  Often when trying to discussion eroticism, transgression and erotic romance etc too many of the conversations devolve into authors trying their best to defend what they do without any of the subtlety or even willingness to talk about these things as their own individual things, without the BUT I WRITE GOOD STORIES flavor to the discussion. So go read it.

Speaking of women who make me weak in the knees if you write erotica go read this post by Remittance Girl about head hopping. No just do it.

And to wrap up, look at this deluxe edition of This is How you Lose Her.  Fucking Junot Diaz. Looking at that gives me the worst book nerd boner. I’ve been really good about not buying special editions because we don’t have enough display space right now but god damn it. I want it.

Okay that’s all. I am tired. I need more coffee and to edit like a mother fucker.

So hey y’all, got anything new or interesting links? Feel free to leave them in comments.


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