Work work work.

And of course now I have that goddamn song Whistle While you Twurk by the YinYang twins stuck in my head.

Outside of doing Nanowrimo I’m working on a few other things.

First one is I am doing a thing at an AWP adjacant event. That’s pretty much all I can say about it right now but I am really hoping I can get my shit together and do something that is about: beauty, horror, ugliness, monstrosity (my own), giving 0 fucks and the power that lies therein. There may be some costume and performance arty bits involved. So it’s going down.

I also did a new thing.

At the suggestion of a reader I’ve started offering (very few right now) some instant downloads of stories via etsy.  And just for readers of this here lil blog if you spend a minimum of 1 dollar you can use this coupon code WERDPRESS (case sensitive) for 10% off. Currently I have two stories available but I will be adding another few this week.

I will probably sell a few crocheted items there as well. Eventually once we get a good quality printer I have an idea of making some fancy little art card type things but with tiny stories or poems on them. I have also be asked a few times if I could collect some of my entries from my personal blog and put those up as well. I may do that.

What else?

OH. So since I’m going to AWP and doing the whole shebang should I get some moo cards? Or no since I’m not famous and nobody cares?

I just don’t know.

I have been making a few submissions here and there. A couple of swing for the fences type. I just got around to pulling a couple of things and sending a query.

I have to confess it drives me insane when polite queries go unanswered for months. I’d appreciate even a fuck off we hate you or a pls wait editors are buried type response. Silence kills me.

In addition to my nanowrimo novella (which I will nerd very hard about sometime soon) I started an essay on the process of self loathing and paranoia that some of us writer types can indulge in on occasion. I’m hoping it comes out funny, we’ll see.

I may or may not re-release my original self care guide with some fixing because I haven’t had time to do the new version for Femme Identified people as of yet.

Okay I think I’m done for right now. I have a mother fucker of a migraine and it makes me feel like headbutting my work station until either my skull cracks or I see dead people. I dunno man.



One thought on “Work work work.

  1. By all means get the Moo cards–even I have some (with this veggie pic I’m using as my avatar here). Plus business cards can be used to get freebies at restaurants if they have a jar for drawing them from.

    The Etsy venture makes me happy. 🙂

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