Well damn.

I was doing some organizing earlier this week and found that I  a.) am running terribly low on ready work and b.) only have 2 submissions out.


I am working on that.

Oh no wait I had 3 things out now four. Down from something like 10 last month. A few of those I finally formally withdrew after my queries languished unanswered for months. I hate doing that but you know how it is.

No I lied I do have some ready to go things but, I’m having aim problems.  At least one of them is too erotic for most lit mags and not really erotica so erotica is out.

I’m in another of my confessional moods so let me confess.

Sometimes I still get nervous when I submit stories that have AAVE to lit zines.  I worry that the editors won’t get the references or the language but will be too nervous to say so. And then of course I get nervous that they will say so and I will feel shitty.

Earlier while I was working on something, I had a moment (ah shit I cannot remember who said it) where I took that writer roller coaster of thinking YES YES YES FUCK LOOK AT WHAT I JUST DID to WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? IS THIS SHIT EVEN ENGLISH? I ate some food, I stopped looking at it and decided that the story was better than what I had done and fixed it. Looking backwards I am very glad I have learned to ride that out. In my younger days that would have shut me down for a while.

I realized I’ve been heavily comfort reading lately. Too many things in the big bad world have been painful for me lately and I’ve retreated into familiar authors and things.

Now for some other stuff.

Have y’all read Bradley Sands? I’ve read Bradley Sands stuff for years now and I spotted him over at Litreactor. You should read this and if you write Bizarro go submit.

We know I love Lavie Tidhar and if any of you are into guns n sorcery type fantasy (honestly I’d never even thought of it but I now love it) you should pick up Gorel and the Pot Bellied God. I reread some of it today for comfort and just read it, it’s great.

What else?

OH the etsy adventure continues. I now have 4 stories available and have more on the way. Including probably a tiny collection of my poems.

I still want to concentrate mainly on reprints there but I may do some originals. I also am going to put some of my crocheted shawls up as soon as I get them ship ready. It’s not a money machine but I like it.

Since some of you donated I am super excited to tell you that I am mere weeks away from having my teeth worked out. I am so excited I can’t even explain.

What else?

I’m still plugging away at my urban fantasy thing. Truth be told I had a moment of doubt and had to put it away for a bit.

I’m about done reading Dr Sleep and will probably do a good hefty review. I decided against trying to review the A Song of Ice and Fire series. It frankly fills me with way too much nerd rage and I haven’t felt like seriously unleashing the beast.

Another confession.

I have had the worst hankering to resume collecting authors entire catalogs. This is an expensive habit and I don’t have enough bookshelves. I’ve also wanted to buy more indie art. I have a tiny collection and a few extremely cherished art photos that I have put away because of very complicated emotional reasons. Given that we’re likely not moving any time soon I will get them out. At least I need to get some of the stuff framed properly so I don’t fuck it up.

I think that’s all for right now. I have one more submission to get out tonight and I am going shovel spicy food in my face.

Oh one more thing. In my race to 120 rejections, I just logged #9 the other day. This tells me I need to get my ass in gear. I can’t drive down that acceptance rate if I’m not flinging words into the wild. I am hoping by the second week of January to get my pieces out numbers back into the teens. Off into the Blue Yonder I go.


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