2014 A List of Demands.

I don’t make resolutions because I think the whole idea/culture of them is damaging and mean. I decided this year in terms of writing I am making a list of demands.

  1. No more fear. As fearless as I think I am at times, there are still things I am afraid to let people other than my bestie see that I’ve written. Most of it is non fiction, subject matter that is really terrible and stuff that I don’t see a lot of other people (especially POC) talk about in public. I feel in my gut that it’s stuff that needs to be said and heard about but it’s my pain and blood and actual lived history and it’s fucking terrifying.
  2. No more freaking out about the fact that people I don’t know like my work. Sometimes I get very freaked out and anxious when people like what I write. I don’t know why but I need to not.
  3. More swing for the fences submissions. Even to places where I know/have spoken to on the internets the staff and/or editors.
  4. Learn how to twerk properly so I can FINALLY finish this fucking essay about the joys of twerking and pussy popping.
  5. More adventures and the author at play. I am going to try and spread my chicken wings more and write in genres/ways that make me uncomfortable.
  6. I will do more literary world related things. Readings? Another trip to Portland? Try to make my own event? I dunno.
  7. Write Like A Mother Fucker.
  8. Finish (again the fear thing) a novel or novella and not throw it away. Edit it and do the things with it.
  9. More dancing at home by myself in my underwear and sports bra. I need to resume bellydancing.

The other thing I demand from 2014 is more.

The last few years, every year at this time it occurs to me that writing things and life in general has gotten more awesome. Pushcart nominations, amazing feedback for stories I did not think would ever find a home, other writers (especially those whom I admire greatly) talking to me and liking my shit in a peer to peer kind of way, me being invited to read (I am officially reading at AWP, more on that later), amazing help when I have needed it, strangers on the internet who believe in my voice and my work and my mission so much they (you know who you are) bought me a computer when mine was dying so I could keep working, they have helped me on my way to get my teeth fixed, bought me christmas presents, sent me notes of love and support, offered services, just told me hey, I like you and you’re cool, strangers (HEY I SEE YOU) have subscribed to and read this here little blog, everything.

I want more and I want to thank my readers. And the run by visits here. And everyone.

Thank you for helping me have a pretty awesome writing year.

Here is to another.

On a personal note, 2013 can suck my dick. I’m real done with it.

Happy New Year folks I’ll see you round the bend.


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