AWP bound.

So I paid and can I tell you how salty I am about paying so much money to go to this thing?

Granted I am super stoked about the book fair but yeah. For the price of admission I could have gotten new Doc Martens, most of a new spring/summer wardrobe, bills etc.

I have some panels I want to go to. I have a reading I’m doing and some other stuff. I got invited to some parties and I am kind of an anxious wreck.

I really need a tote bag with a zipper because it is rainy here in Seattle and I will be commuting home by bus daily. I have a tight budget so I’ll be very careful about my book, swag and zine buying. I also still have busted teeth so I’m not excited about that in particular.

That said here’s something else exciting. That post I made about reading and writing while Black got picked up by Media Diversified and you can find it here. I’m pretty excited about that. It was awesome.

I think that’s about it for the moment y’all.

If any of you are gonna be at AWP drop me a note here so if we see each other we can either stare at each other awkwardly or we can say hello. Or if you have any protips on panels I have to see or anything say so.

Also I will probably do a bit of live blogging type stuff from AWP if my poor old phone can handle it so be ready for pictures and rando squeeing.


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