What’s good?

Stuff is good.

My 90s rnb station is good.

It is also good that I am hard at work on the revised bigger and more badass version of my self care book.

I’m calling it v2.0 and I am covering SO many things. Caring for your body, make up, testicles, buttholes all of it.

To celebrate I put out my essay on why I refuse identify as a feminist with bonus material. You can read the whole first chapter of the self care book.

What else is good?

I turned 37 this past Sunday. It was a nice birthday, I got myself all dolled up. I ate a lot of food and I bought myself a few little presents.

You can look at my tumblr to see me looking all witchy spring cute.

Okay I have a pot of tea. I have ideas and I am going to work on something other than the self care thing.

And here is a gratuitous picture of the author with her hairs did AND shit I forgot to tell you I finally got my veneers. I got nice teeth.

And thank you again those who donated. I feel so much better and less stressed.

Okay behold the author at 37 giving you some 90s RnB diva by way of Old Goth Realness.

faceOkay that’s all.

Tomorrow I’m going to post a shitload of links about lit things I’m excited about. So if you have anything you want promoted, please drop a link in the comments.



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