How to Annoy the Author in Ten easy steps.

  1. Solicit work from me in a manner that is unprofessional and shows you have never read a word I’ve ever written. Recently I have been sent three different pitches asking me to submit things to places that:  a.) don’t exist yet and therefor I cannot get “a solid grasp of [name redacted]’s aesthetics”. Um, I pointed this out to the person who emailed me but if I don’t know you, you don’t give me a reference point HOW the real fuck am I supposed to know what you like? Also don’t follow up me asking about said aesthetics with some passive aggressive OMG I can’t believe you asked me that type bullshit. b.) seem to publish only nice uplifting things that support Nice White Ladyness. Uh..again. Have you read anything I have written EVER?
  2. Along the same theme. If you talk to me to work with me and from the long list of authors you love there is not one author of color um, I am going to find you questionable.
  3. In spite of my anxiety fueled disco freakout at AWP (read about it here) I did actually make some business related contacts. I’m going to try not to be indelicate about this but I did tell the person involved I would talk about this in a general way. Okay so person and I meet, exchange web info. Person reads some of my work and proceeds to go into Captain Save A Ho form. They gave me a lot of unsolicited and frankly not for me advice about how many ways I have already pretty much ruined any career I might have. My errors? Talking about race so much, talking about myself, self publishing, not using a pen name for my erotica, being critical of writers more famous than I am, so you know pretty much everything I say or do. I know this person had good intentions but here’s the thing. If being a well known, monied author means I cannot be who I actually am than it is not really worth it to me. If success in this instance means I have to coon for the mainstream, it is not going to happen.

Can we talk about that?

Honestly as much as I would really like to get paid more often for my work and stuff, I don’t want to do it if it means I cannot be honest to who I am as an author and human being. That is why I put that feminism essay out on my own. It is so far away from what most people say about feminism and the editorial changes that were suggested by someone I submitted it to would have turned it into something it wasn’t.

The thing is, I had to decide if I wanted my work to be honest and as is in terms of subject matter or did I want to get published in a magazine with a pretty huge audience but have it be a lie.

Being that I have a job that pays the rent, I’m just not going to do that.

I look back and see how many years compromising like that I spent and how it really got me nothing and I just don’t want to do that anymore.

If that means I toil away in obscurity forever that’s fine.

So there we have it.

Probably another reason I won’t ever be super famous and why I am pretty okay with that.

My work means enough to me that I won’t make it palatable to Whiteness, the Patriarchy etc just for a few dollars.

Or even the mythical major book deal.

I don’t get down like that.

So that’s about all for right now. I am just getting to chapter 4 of the self care book and I am really excited about it.

And as always if you check out my sidebar there you can go drop a few dollars and get something to read.


3 thoughts on “How to Annoy the Author in Ten easy steps.

      1. :rolls my eyes so hard they hurt:

        FWIW, my erotica has been my most well-known story and I would have been really bummed if I had published it under a pseudonym. I imagine your acquaintance would approve of my race; what a relief.

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