Feelings I have about Writing right now.

I’m still sick as fucking shit and I’m very cranky and shit.

So a list of indignities no wait feelings.

  • On Transgressive writing. I think my ideas about transgression often seem to be way far out comparative to what I read that is labeled as transgressive fiction.
  • I am still really not comfortable given the things I have been reading around in the industry side of sf/f submitting/really working on that stuff.
  • I have feelings regarding the above thing that I honestly do not know what to do with and it is fucking up me practicing writing that stuff a lot.
  • I am sort of over my habit of writing tiny flash things that are just…weird. More in a not really classifiable way rather than a bizarro kind of way.
  • I have some horror ideas I’m having trouble translating from brain to paper.
  • Where are the transgressive things that are not exclusionary of the sexually transgressive? No? Yeah okay.

I feel like I need to sort out and write about my feelings regarding the exclusion of sexuality/the erotic in supposedly transgressive literature.

I suppose my tastes are maybe too wide? Or is my opinion that if we’re gonna get transgressive let’s get it an odd idea?

I don’t know.

My brain is foggy as fuck right now.

So I might just go play with some of my apparently not for publication hings and stew about the whole transgression thing.



I’m almost done reading Bad Sex on Speed by Jerry Stahl. That mother fucker.

I may talk about this more in depth in the future but I am a former speedfreak. Not meth thank you Gods of Chaos but I was a drug snob and loved me some speed.

There is something I love so much about drug related lit that actually captures the in your brain things. Shit I hate being so foggy I can’t articulate what I’m thinking.

At any rate it is a good goddamn book.

Um yeah.

I should stop now I’m going downhill.

I’m going to drink some tea and try to stay conscious because I’m at work.


One thought on “Feelings I have about Writing right now.

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