A new thing

First things first.

Self promotion.

I put up a new essay on Etsy. Here is a taste:

I remember my Mom’s advice about getting into cars with strangers and say no.

Yes, I abuse my Female privilege by turning down anonymous sex with strange men on the street. Their feelings are hurt and because I have the extra special privilege of being a Black Female, they all start yelling stuff like:

“Stupid Black bitch”

“Dirty nigger whore.”

It is a very snarky response to the idea of female privilege and how I react to being sexually harassed on the street.

Interestingly, I’ve already gotten a couple of very angry notes from men who were in fact too cheap to spend two bucks and instead just wanted to tell me what a bitch I am.

Good to know.

Also the self care book is close to done. I’m line editing right now. Being so sick put me way behind schedule but I’m trying not to freak out.

What else?

I’ve been writing some horror, experimenting with using stuff from other genres in it. So far my inner horror nerd is very happy.

Read interviews with myself and other Unchaste Readers right here. It is pretty fucking great.

What else?

Not much. I’m still sick but mostly on the mend. Sort of. I’m feeling ragey because I just want to feel human and that is very difficult right now.

Wow I just spaced out real hard so I’m going to wrap it up here.

So please, go forth and buy my essay or share it with your friends.

Later taters.


2 thoughts on “A new thing

  1. cocktailmolly blog is looking to promote indpendent black talented writers and other artists and would like to know if you’d be interested in submitting some of your work. Submissions are accepted at cocktailmolly@gmx.com. Look forward to hearing from you whether or not you’re interested in submitting to the blog … respectfully, Gregory Waits-editor

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