Yeah Write #190- Obeisance


It only matters that her eyes are on me as I walk out of the tiny hotel bathroom. I am afraid only because I know those eyes, those are the eyes of a predator sizing up her prey.

I am a doe mouse trembling without even the cover of a leaf.

She is a cat, fat, amused and hungry.

She beckons, I get down and crawl.

I kiss the toe of her boot. She moves like my nightmares. One hand pulls my head up and sideways, her other hand makes magic and there is the familiar slick sound of a blade clicking into place.

My face burns with shame, fear and deep need. I feel the cold blade through my slip against my breast.

Her voice is barely audible over the quiet susurrus of the air conditioner.

“I could slit your throat and leave you here. No one would know.”

The blade moves up to my fragile throat. The tip makes her point slowly, to one ear then the other.

“Then you’d smile forever.”

Her chuckle hits my cunt and the gush of wetness- I’m embarrassed.

“You wouldn’t even scream, would you?”

The blade describes the shape of my mouth. I feel the bite of the blade and the warm slow trickle.

She pulls the blade out and tilts my head, her eyes heavy lidded as the blood oozes down my chin. I watch the shift in her gaze.

“Don’t be cute, I know what you’re doing. It won’t work.”

My voice is so dry it hurts.

“Sorry ma’am.”

She lets go of my hair and pushes me back.

“Show me your panties.”

I am wearing the heather gray plain cotton. They show the truth, I always try to hide. I sit back and pull my slip up to my hips.

She flips on the lamp beside her. I put my weight on my elbows and roll my hips, force my thighs as wide as I can. My face is on fire, I want to hide the truth.

She laughs, a short mean laugh.

“You want to get off don’t you?”

I can’t lie; the truth is there in the wet spot on the crotch of my panties.

“Take those off.”

I scramble to peel them off. My fingers are shaking.

She nods again and spreads her own legs. She has no panties on. The glint of wet pink makes my mouth water. I watch her fingers part the hair and lips, one finger on her clit. She looks at my cunt, grunting at me.

“Hold it open, put your finger inside, just one.”

I do as I’m told, I know if I’m good tonight could be my night.

Instead, I move my finger slowly, pulling moisture out, showing her my glistening digit before I put it back inside.

When she comes she makes hardly a sound, I can only tell because I know her. I know by the way her hips wiggle side to side. When she’s satisfied she stands up and shoves her fingers in my bloody mouth.

“Good girl.”

I am needy as a bitch in heat. She palms my face away, sneering as she tucks her blade into her purse and walks out.

“Clean yourself up. Jesus.”

Tonight is not my night, I scramble to wash my face and put my clothes back on before I head out to the car and get in without a word.

She pats my knee fondly as we drive away.

“Maybe another night, dear.”


Yeah Write


10 thoughts on “Yeah Write #190- Obeisance

      1. You’re welcome. I always feel bad that the first comment on a blog post like this is so business. But I don’t read them before I’m done reminding everyone.

        I can tell this is your genre. Erotica can read so cheesy sometimes, but I think the breaks the narration takes from the sensual (like the description on the heather gray panties) heightens the tension. Just enough. Nice job!

  1. Holy cow! You need to give out warnings with these stories… I was in the nail salon when I read it, and had to check furtively around me to see if I was embarrassing myself in public. You write the most glorious sexual tensions and sex scenes. This left me wanting to know more about their relationship (which I always think is the best place to leave a short story/flash fiction piece).

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