Announcements and whatnots.

First thing I have to announce is that my darling Milcah kicked off the Self Care Like A Boss Blog. We will be blogging our way to releasing the book next summer. Come along with us here. And there will be so much more.

True story. A mix of a latent toothache and just under the surface migraine knocked me flat on my ass yesterday. I slept and slept, woke up had some water, peed and slept. Then I woke up and my partner Uniballer made me eat some chicken because I hadn’t eaten in a long time.

What else?

I have inexpensive instant gratification lit of several varieties in my Etsy shop. Get it here.

I’m working on my intro for Self care Like a Boss blog. Here is my working author face:

My face. My giant sleepy face.
My face. My giant sleepy face.
My large cup of Peet's Major Dickenson's coffee.
My large cup of Peet’s Major Dickenson’s coffee.

This is usually how you find me writing when I’m at my dayjob.

At home I’m generally more naked, sweatier and demanding Uniballer give me snacks.

I’ve been writing fiction again and that feels pretty damn good. I have a hard time writing it when I’m in too ragey of a headspace and only want to write about that. But then only writing about the rage means I am living in it too deeply and everything I write comes out like this:


So yeah. I had to work myself through that.

I have a stash of really great books to read. Writing to do.

I think I’m going to turn my Chromebook into a linuxbook. I love (and am still so so thankful someone gave it to me) my wee Chromebook but the google product support sucks. Once I put linux on it I can use Word and have chromelinuxbook will travel. Not far probably to Starbucks but whatevs.

I will probably do a navel gazey end of year post per usual.

Now before I go, feel free to browse around in my little Amazon store. I hand picked a bunch of stuff and was reminded recently to post a link. I’ll add more stuff as well. Books and stuff.

Oh I’ve also been putting together a list/pinterest boardish about how I want to arrange my little office area of our apartment. I’ve finally decided that i want more than just my little desk area. I need a bigger desk and some bookshelves and lighting so I can do some youtube videos of readings, make up and whatnot. I’m ready.

Last thing I’ve been poetry posting on Ink Node. 

I think that’s all for right now.



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