Yeah Write #201- Lady Dozens.

Those girls are dangerous.

That is my first thought when I see them, the three of them looking hot and talking shit about everyone else that walks by.

I need friends, I want those friends. I know what to do.

Breathe deep, start walking.

As I pass one of the girls snickers,

“Oh booboo I see them ashy ass ankles.”

The other girls giggle and I stop and tip my sunglasses down with a fingertip. I look her up and down and smile.

“Babygirl, who stole them edges?”

The rest of the girls erupt in laughter, howling and clapping. One of them points at me, nodding.

“That’s my bitch right there. My bitch.”

We all laugh, my opponent shakes her head cackling.

“You got me booboo. You got me.”

“So one of y’all got some lotion or what? I gotta do something about my ashy ass ankles.”

Purses are unzipped, first to quick draw a tiny tube of Palmer’s is the first girl who spoke.

“Thanks Ma good lookin out.”

I sit and lotion my ashy feet and we laugh about a crooked wig and a fallen track.

Now, I have friends.



If you don’t know what the Dozens is, click here. Then come back and reread pls.



4 thoughts on “Yeah Write #201- Lady Dozens.

  1. Meg

    Wow — never knew about the Dozens before — thanks for sharing the link and the knowledge. Of course, I love this as much as I love all your writing. “Ashy ass ankles” — that’s some brilliant alliteration. And the narrator’s confidence: I want those friends, I know what to do. That’s power. Thanks so much for linking to yeah write, Shannon.

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