Soundtracks, reasons and whatnot.

I treated myself to premium Spotify because I must have an appropriate soundtrack at all times. It is the best eight dollars I’ve spent in months. Currently this is happening. Oh if you are feeling fancy let’s follow each other.

I am habitually listening to music while I work and often that means I’m wriggling and chair dancing, semi sit down twerking. It helps me write. Don’t ask why.

What else?

Oh I spotted a lot of things fetishising writing by hand. With all of the advice about how much of a better writer you’ll be and whatnot I get a little, uh I side eye it a bit.

What about writers with disabilities that makes it so their output is reduced by handwriting?

What about older writers or writers with arthritis?

Writers who are unable to handwrite? Writers with learning disabilities?

Here’s the thing. When I was a wee baby writer I took serious writing advice (as in the stuff in Poets&Writers, the stuff famous name authors say etc) as gospel. I had no college, I was not an MFA student. I was (the time period I’m thinking of) a phone sex operator making 6.25$ an hour working in the billing office and a few more dollars taking calls.

I skipped meals to buy quality paper and buy time on computers and bought lit mags and P&W. I wanted to show that I too was a super srs writer type.

What I’ve noticed in the ensuing decade is that writing advice is still pretty presctiptive. It is still pretty heavy on ignoring the other (disabled folks, elders, poor people, etc etc etc) and I think it’s kind of crap.

Not kind of, it’s just crappy.

Where is the advice for using your available tech to the fullest?

Where is the advice for putting together resources so us proletariat non MFA headed/types can have those amazing resources and learn those skills?

Nope, people argue about whether there are too many MFA programs, freak out because a writing teacher was unmoved by their students. Holler at each other about WHY THEIR PROGRAM IS SO FUCKING GOOD SHUT UP…

The lit world can be set on fire because someone had the nerve to be unimpressed with MFA programs in general but, you know when we can do some real good and make the lit world a bigger better place….crickets.

So yeah. I’m just not impressed in general.

I might write some of that.

Next thing.

I’m on the phone so I’m going to nerd about second person POV. That’s what I was playing with in my yeah write.

So I’ve never really tried using second person quite that way before. I’ve done it in poems and micro micro fictions but never that way.

I was thinking about post apocalyptic fiction and trying my hand at it. Frankly I find the usual military/zombie/other post apocalypse fiction kind of boring sometimes. I wanted art to be in there front and center.

So this wasn’t one I’ve had stashed away. It was more of the writer at play. I had these ideas, the flower faced Black girl, the mute poet. What is sadder than a poet without a tongue?

I really wanted that tight intimate kind of almost clausterphobic feeling there at the beginning. I was absolutely going for mood.

Um I had more but I’m tired and have a shitload of work to do today.

So come check out the latest from my forthcoming book Self Care Like a Boss. Shit is gettin hyphy over there.

One thought on “Soundtracks, reasons and whatnot.

  1. Tapati

    Carpal tunnel killed my writing everything by hand days. It was frustrating in that time between when I just had typewriters because my typing sucks. Thank goddess for computers with backspace bars. 🙂

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