Yeah Write Entry #213- Daddy Didn’t Raise No Fool

Daddy Didn’t Raise No Fool


Shannon Barber

“Make a mistake.”

Her voice is low and trembling. The tears in it give her words a low rasp, her wet eyes are wide and glowing with hate.

“Go ahead. I got lots of ammo and an itchy fuckin’ finger.”

The man stands with his hands above his head, he’d already made the mistake and could only hope he would make no more. No one had warned him that the rabbit had teeth and claws. It was supposed to have been so simple. Easy.

Give the girl a scare, maybe a few bruises. She’d run to her shitbag brother and her brother would pay to protect his pretty sister.

Nobody told him she’d pull a .357 and hold it with steady little hands and tears streaming down her face. Nobody warned him that the rabbit had the steel in her spine.

“Take your piece out of your holster with two fingers, drop it and kick it over here.  Then take these cuffs. Then be still. Don’t try nothing.”

He did not have to be told twice and muttered while he moved slowly.

“Fuck me twice, listen sweetheart-“

When he heard the familiar click of the.357 being cocked and her little voice tight with rage he froze.

“Shut up. Do what I said right, goddamn now before I lose patience and just shoot you.”

It was not the first time he’d heard that tone from a woman. His ex-wife had it the moments before she stabbed him in the chest. He’d heard it from most of the women he’d ever loved.

He did as he was told. Moving carefully so as not to startle her.

“All right. Sit I that chair and cuff your left hand to the right armrest across your chest. Don’t be cute.”

In spite of the very real danger he was in, he appreciated how she was handling herself. He’d known hard case men who wet themselves in lesser situations. Once he got cuffed he looked up at her while she scooted a chair over to sit in front of him, the gun rested in her lap while she lit a cigarette.


He nodded.

“Yeah, thanks.”

She put the lit cigarette in his mouth and he scootched himself around until he could reach it with his right hand. It was awkward and he sweated under her impassive gaze.

Once he got into position he looked back at her and sighed.

“This is not what was supposed to go down.  I didn’t come here to kill you.”

She laughed a cloud of smoke at him, he admired the way she let her tears stay on her cheeks. He liked her grit.

“Look. Somebody fucked up.  You know that right?”

The man nodded. When he heard her sobs behind the bathroom door and then was greeted by the huge dead eye of her .357, he knew.

“Can I finish this?”

She nodded. He smoked and took a breath.

“Who told you?”

She lit another cigarette for herself and leaned back. Thinking before she answered.

“Nobody. I’m a Daddy’s girl and Daddy didn’t raise no fool. Well, at least I am not the fool. Unfortunately, you are gonna have to be my message. Sorry about that.”

The man dropped his cigarette on the floor and ground it out under his heel. He knew her father and knew what was coming.

“Well, tell your Father, I’m sorry. “

She rises and sighs.

“I’m sorry too. Smoke?”

He nods and closes his eyes when her fingertips brush his lips. At the end, he could pretend it was a goodbye kiss from another woman with that steel in her voice and tears on her cheeks.




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