The Big Dream

Another question by my writer friend. This person is a young POC writer and I’ve been delighted to be of some kinda service.

This also fits in with me really thinking about making a home for myself and my partner.

So here we go.

First a place to live. Where we live now is not terrible, but it’s not convenient for anything. Being that my partner is disabled and has mobility issues I want a first floor or small house with two bedrooms. No stairs. Laundry on site. I won’t live in another pretty much all White neighborhood again because last time was traumatic for me. So probably around the hood we live in now.

I want one bedroom to be my office. I want a big black desk. I want bookshelves. No phone. I want horror art and bones and skulls and taxidermy to decorate it. I want a couch in there and my yarn storage.

I don’t necessarily need to not have a day job.  Though I would not be at all averse to working part time and writing full time. With enough cash to pay rent and whatnots.

I want to be able to make enough money to survive comfortably and then to just have time to write without worry.

I want to be comfortable enough to know that my partner won’t go without meds, that it won’t fuck up our budget for two months if I need a new pair of pants or shoes. I want to be able to maybe go out to dinner once a month together. Or go on quick trips to Portland or up to Vancouver without scramble or months of planning.

I have some plans in the works to help make it happen.

Mainly though I just want to write.

Ultimately, I could just hole up and write all the things and emerge to socialize sometimes, then hole up and write some more.

I write the best when I can cocoon up and just go.

Time not taken up with money and work worries spent relearning to make my own clothes, and crocheting, and talking to my friends.

A little room for exploration. More of this feeling I have now that because I have Patreon and some folks have donated, I have that bit of ease that means I can write freely.

I low key feel greedy, but I want this feeling to invade my whole life.

So I’m workin on it.

I’ve got some plans up my sleeve.

Some things I’m looking into doing to create an income for me that does not come with the flavor of stress my dayjob comes with and allows me to help people.

Now if y’all will excuse me. I have more of that writing shit to do. I’m writing an essay for a new venture!!

I’m about done with that, I think. At least the first pass.

AND THEN I’m going to work on some notes for my next book which I’ll discuss later.



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