Too Excited For Life

So thanks to my patrons and using Smarty pig and some other monies coming in me getting a laptop to use at home to work on is imminent.

It is fairly modern, a fancy little Toshiba that isn’t too fancy but fancy enough.


Writing on computers that are not mine, my phone and relying on cloud storage has been fuckin rough.

BUT I’ve been doing that shit because sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

It’s been rough, but some good things have happened right? I mean I had a book come out like three days ago.

I’ve been invited to readings. I’ve been writing poems and shit.

Now here are some things I am working on and have been plotting:

  • Writing about my own gender identities
  • Writing about my weirdly syncretic spiritual feelings
  • Writing more genre fiction
  • Podcasting
  • Vlogging about books, beauty, other stuff I wanna talk about.


What I’m wanting to be is unstoppable.

I want to create whatever comes into my wee head.

I have been on that grind, and I want more.

I need more. I have shit to say. I have a LOT OF SHIT I NEED TO SAY.


I am so full of creative ambitions. There are so many things I want to be able to do. I want to learn how to properly write a movie script. I want to finish the Daiyu Saga. I want to make me a lil youtube channel and talk about ALL the stuff that I love. On one channel. Deal with it.

Now no I can’t do ALL of this on this one little computer but, having it to work on means I can get more done more efficiently.

So many exciting things are happening right now.

So go buy the book. Or come join me on Patreon. I’m so about this life right now.

And having Patreon and these side hustles means I can keep being about it.

And that’s super exciting.

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