Yeah Write Entry #235- The World and the world and The Innocent

The World and the world and The Innocent.


Shannon Barber

The Innocents must know.

The World lives beneath and next to the world. It is where the shadows live. Where magic is born of blood and pain. The World is where the truest fights for the souls of the world are fought, where the maddest ones, the screaming souls with the eyes of raptors wage their wars on all manifestations of The Darkness.

Most Innocents will at some point catch tiny glimpses of The World. Things dark and silky unfurl in the corners of empty rooms. Streets that seem to empty into a dark that swallows and drowns life. Their ghosts and poltergeists are but an echo of the true horrors of The World. The Innocent often see, but do not know, they feel but do not acknowledge.

Creatures other than the Shadows live in The World.

The Sisters who walk in the Dark. Graceful creatures in dusty graveyard gowns. Veiled forehead to nose the lower half of each of their faces grin bloody, permanent and wide. Those who wander into The World are known to be driven insane by their smiles and whispers. Any who wander into the arms of the Sisters with their groins full of restless lust, are subject to their bloody charms and toothy cunts.

“Come inside and die.”

Each is queen of the pornographic threat, every unprotected heterosexual man slave to his own desires. The men always want them, even while their filthy bloody mouths whisper Death. The men come inside and die so that another Sister will live that much longer.

Every creature in The World has a place. Each an appetite that must be sated. Each has their part to play when it is time for war. And the time for war is forever and now and then.

The World is the counterweight to the world. As one turns to a brighter dark, so the other plunges into the depths. Both worlds live in frenetic delirium, each spins in its elliptical solipsism, each believes itself to be the right and only world. The conceits of each are kin.

The worlds bleed into and through each other into infinity. Each hurtles toward extinction events that come and pass, come and pass again in and out of history. Each bears bloody wonders and terrors that walk proud amongst the innocent.

The World lives in the Dark and what passes for gray tinged dirty light. It leaks its secrets. It shows itself to the Beholders and the Sciveners take down the bestiary, the Warriors fight, the Doormen open the portals to let in the Professori who hold the histories of the worlds in their hands- yes The World knows what it does and yet keeps its secrets.

The story, the history of this balance and struggle between worlds rests in the hands and hearts of many. For them, The World is their secret pain and secret joy, the place that binds them together and wrenches them apart.

The World, The Darkness, the world and the light are all here before our eyes. Take heed the signs, the dark streets, the shadows in the corners and watch the Watchers.

The world will speak to those who listen.

Listen, dear Innocent.




5 thoughts on “Yeah Write Entry #235- The World and the world and The Innocent

  1. “And the time for war is forever and now and then.” That’s my favorite line. I love the grit and confidence in this; your writing always has such wonderful beauty and grime in it all at once. I can tell it’s building up to something BIG, but there isn’t much in the way of action here.

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