Announcements and y’all I need your help.

So first announcement (I think I may have forgotten to tell y’all) I have started a new newsletter, I’m calling them loveletters and they are to be dispatches from your fave indie author. Including stuff like appearances, some wee tiny essays, real talk about writin’ life, and I will hip you to some stuff I’m into. I am sending the first one out this Friday so come right here and sign up.

Next thing is the big thing.

As I mentioned before after a lot of hand wringing, cries and anger I’ve decided I’m absolutely going to AWP. I am poor and going will cost a lot of money. I decided to start a GoFundMe to help defray the costs and whatnot.

SO here it is. If you can’t donate right now it’s totally okay. Please, PLEASE post the link everywhere you can or want to. I need to reach out further than my wee arms go and for that I need your help.

Click here or check out the sidebar there. I’m going to keep this going until next year so I can have the best chance of reaching my goal. If folks are interested I can talk more about why I’m asking for help and what I need. I also promise if you’re in LA for AWP and you see me, whether you donate or not come up and ask me for a hug. I’ll give you one. I’ll probably be a sweaty mess but if you don’t mind a little writer sweat, I got you boo.

AND last thing.

I am getting ready to beta test something I’m very excited about.

So keep your eye out for Write That Shit University Posts.

Thank you everyone who’s been reading and following my work. Y’all mean the world to me  you really do.


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