Of Budgets and Monetary Mayhem.

I just finished doing up my budget for Writin’Monies through December.

I have my regular expenses, like renter’s insurance, grammar/spellcheck software (I will write about it another time it is the bomb), and my Premium Spotify account which I might give up because I am not using it as often as I used to now that our household entertainment (music, movies everything) computer has been rebuilt.

Holy crap some great news. My GofundMe is over 100$!!!

What else?

I’ve budgeted out about 50$ for one of those um, little table tray things to use my laptop with at home so I can write comfortably.

I have some freelance things I am pretty sure I can do without undue stress. So I will have the table thing by the end of the month.

What else?

I have a side hustling I’m working on that I’m super excited about.

But yeah, things are going kinda okay. At least okay enough that I’m not at defcon neon pink trying to find another full time job or selling my organs.

The struggle is real but it’s not breakin my back.

Tomorrow brand new flash. Wedsnesday some promotion of ALL THE THINGS.

And the rest of the week?

Who knows.


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