We Shadow


Shannon Barber

We are Shadow.

We move like breeze from our home in The World to look upon the Innocent in our home the world.

We are there in the back alleys and in the depths of the night.

Yes, dear Innocent we are with you even now. We see your tears and feed upon your strife

When in the night you start awake in your sweet bed and your succulent body is paralyzed, your hot breath enters a cold darker than dark night air, we are with you. We feel you.

We know you. We see you in your most secret moments. And you in turn know us. Even you Innocent, you know us. You feel us even at midday when you stand in a shaft of bright sun and shiver.

Your eyes glide away from us as it is in your nature to do. We know. We love the micro expressions that flutter across your hot flesh as you see us in the dark. Fear, disgust, atavistic disorientation that urges you to avert your eyes is delicious.

We know you all. Innocent and Scrivener. Warrior and Professori. Beholder and Generist. We could lie and say we love you. That we only creep and lurk to be closer to your light.

We cannot. A lie is breath wasted. The truth shall set us free.

We Shadow, we are no lovesick things pining for humanity and heat.

We are as we were made in The World and the world.

We are those who live between and inside The World and the world.

We are of both and beyond both.

We are Shadow.

And we see you, yes we see you.



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