Thoughts on my latest Yeah Write series.

If you’ve been following my Yeah, Write tag  you’ll see that after a while of what I called Billy remixes, I’m doing a whole other thing.

Uh, I’m going to try to explain what’s going on in my head because it’s sort of a mess and a very large experiment.

I started with a few different ideas/goals I wanted to play with.

  1. The concept (one of my FAVES to play with) of the multi-verse.
  2. World building in a very slow paced, not super descriptive type of way.
  3. The concept of a mainly anonymous protagonist.
  4. Conceptually telling only small parts of a story and have those small parts hold up on their own, and then later as part of the whole.

Right as I was starting these I’d just finished rereading a favorite book of mine, Imajica  (no more amazon affiliate links I got booted off of it) by Clive Barker and ugh. Okay, first of all that book is a masterpiece.

I hadn’t read it in years and Barker’s ability to create a world next door just kills me.

While thinking of that, I was done with Billy and decided to try world building my way.

When I write horror, I like to write about the stuff I’m scared of. Any sense of disreality, disorientation etc scare me.

Being a lifelong sufferer of a lot of sleep disorders one thing I have experience with is hallucinations. I took inspiration from that, and have been thinking about what could be lurking in the blurry shit moving I see out of the corner of my eye.

Read here for some quick info on some of the insomnia related hallucinations and sensory stuff I’ve had.

I also really want to explore these creatures/people The Innocents, The Warriors, The Generists, etc without giving them an immediate definition and backstory. It’s difficult to do while maintaining interest in the individual stories for the reader. I want you the reader to feel a bit uncomfortable and disoriented and confused, but not so much so you don’t want to keep reading.

Going forward I want to delve more into some sensory/body horror. I also want to get into some things that will muddy the waters as to what is good and what is bad. I really love a horror story that has no clear good guys.

I’m also thinking about messing more with tense as I did in the last entry. I feel like when you’re reading something and the tenses change, if you can tell it’s done purposefully and can keep reading without your inner editor freaking out, it’s very disconcerting. I also really like the idea that the story is happening now, and when you started reading it and later on while you’re sleeping.

I wasn’t super pleased with that try. It wasn’t exactly what I was going for.

I think I might redo the tense experiment, but use it in a more subtle fashion. So it registers, but isn’t so much of that thing.

Coming up I am going to introduce the Generists. And I have a plot to reach back into history and put the story on Mt. Fuji when it was dark.

Also, if you’ve noticed most of my characters when I describe them are POC and that is on purpose.

I will probably post something a little inane tomorrow. I’ve been thinking of the soundtrack to these stories. I also think I would really like to when the mood hits, create an apotheosis story and make it a hypertext story. That was my other interest here. I love linked short stories and I haven’t done a proper hypertext story in a long time.

So that might happen.

That’s all for now.

Later taters.




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