Yeah, Write Entry #241- Generists Dream

Generists Dream


Shannon Barber

They say that it was the discovery of the Generists by certain monied interests is what brought about the end.

It started with some sleep studies done on Generists, the power and frequency of their dreams correlated directly to the growth and shift in The World. Some doctors or some such found the magic and in secret harnessed it. Those interests found that there was value in the Darkness.

We have few records of how this began or transpired. What remains are fragments, when The World took over, we didn’t have a chance and our history fragmented and became the time we know only as The Time of Light and The Dark.

The Warriors genetic lines are broken. In The Dark, we all must learn to fight. The legacy of genealogical skill and magic is no more. If you cannot fight, you Behold. If you cannot Behold, you may be or assist the Professori.

The most unlucky of us are Generists. The Generists are the fuel of this new world. They dream, they wake and dream and sleep and dream and create an expansion that makes The World pulse and birth itself over and again.

Once, we were Innocents. There are no more.

Now we are survivors. We scuttle among the living Shadows, we run from the creatures if we cannot fight. This is not the beautiful world the tattered picture books show us.

Ours is no velvet deep night full of stars and romance. Our nights are eternal and echo with the dreams of helpless Generists and their collective untamed Id.

The World arose and spread, it began with a missed Spring solstice and the darkness came and it fed and it ended our world of light.

We are what is left of our Innocent ancestors. We who fight and behold and record are the ones who will find a way. We can only hope that some other breed, some creature among us will possess the right mix of genes and knowledge to begin to end The Dark.

Our light is running out, and it’s time to run.

If someone, someday knows or remembers, please know-

We hope you are all Innocents.



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