How I’m Gettin it Done


I’m just about back to not being a complete fucker to myself.

I am almost done with one story rewrite.

I wrote a new thing which I’ll talk about in a minute. I stopped with the SCLAB rewrites being trash.

I’m cautiously upgrading my status from trash panda to majestic sea flap flap.

Because of this.

That is Missy Elliott’s brand new video.

Since it came out I’ve been watching it on average twice a day. Generally I turn it on at my desk. If nobody is around at the dayjob I do a little dance. I tell myself Missy would NOT be mean to me.

Then I’m getting to work.

Frequently I follow it up with Back Bend by Spice. I pretend I can twerk properly for a few minutes. I’m feelin myself. I know I can do this.

This is another reason I need an actual office. It makes twerk breaks so much easier.

While I’m at work I can’t necessarily get up and bootyshake, I’ve become the master of the full body wiggle while sitting and working.

My little non twerk (I cannot twerk and it pains me deeply) is not my victory dance. It is more like me powering and gassing myself up to get some shit done. Shit, I KNOW full goddamn well, I can do. Stuff I can’t bully myself into doing.

In order to work at my best I’ve learned that I can’t be tense about money overmuch, I can’t be trying to do too much.

The latter has been my struggle lately.

To celebrate me not being such a nuclear level fucking asshole fancy pants writer man to myself. I wrote a new piece over at Medium about selfie culture, and my place in it.

Now if you celebrate Turkey day in the US enjoy and be safe.

Personally I don’t really get down with the genocide holidays so I’ll be at my dayjob earning holiday pay and working on stuff.

Later y’all.



2 thoughts on “How I’m Gettin it Done

  1. Yes! Chair-dancing should be a sport or something. At least give us a little TV contest. Dancing in the Cubes!

    And that new Missy song/video is everything. Great way to psych yourself up and get down to work.

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