Tech fails and other inanities.

Over the weekend I merrily decided to work on a couple of pieces.

Disaster struck when my Word program had a total meltdown and I lost most of my revisions for both pieces.

I also lost some work on SCLB.

I then made the executive decision to sedate the hot fuck out of myself and go to bed because I couldn’t deal with it.

I did wind up online with Microsoft support and it took a while but the tech got it fixed. I was pretty upset though and instead of working I did some Black Friday shopping and am very proud to say that writing mostly paid for winter clothing.

Given my general distaste for Thanksgiving along with the tech fails while yes, I can (and am almost done) recovering one draft due like fucking tomorrow, it just sank me real hard.

So if anybody needs me I’ll be by myself weeping and writing in the fix ALL THE THINGS tent.

I wish I could be more of a paper loving luddite because times like this, technology is so against me y’all.

Feel free to respond with cute animal images or writer war stories to make me feel better.

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