A Writerly Wishlist.

Okay, so a few people have asked about my Giftmas wishes.

I do have a Giftmas wishlist you can look at here. I don’t necessarily really -need- any of that. But a few folks ask and yeah here it is. 

Now here is what I do need.

What I need is help with my fundraiser.

You don’t even have to donate. If you have an audience, do you know folks with money? With reach? That’s what I need the help with. I am not the best at promotion so it’s been a struggle.

See it here.

SO far there have been donations! Holy shit I was pretty shocked. I do have a lot of conflicting feelings about having a fundraiser to get me to bourgie ass AWP.

I also had to dip into the fund to get myself a laptop sized desk, I can roll around my apartment because I don’t have the most awesome circulation and sitting up in bed was not working out.

I’ve also been going through it this month. Just struggling on every front. Deep bad anxiety, like whoa. Shit has been real and it’s been ugh, I hate to say struggle again, but it’s not been nice.

I haven’t been writing as much or what I want to.

That isn’t to say some good stuff hasn’t happened. It has but I’m sure some of y’all know how it is.

I fell down the dark hole.

SO um, I want to keep this real short because I have a wee bit of food poisoning this week and working the day job through it has been rough. Like, can the universe give my asshole a break? I started the month with major anxiety shits, (I might write about it because it is a real fuckin thing) and then not even a full week later BOOM. Assplosion.


Also be glad I haven’t been talking about my ass situation. If you knew me in real life, you’d have already heard ALL about it because I talk about pooping a lot.

Let me stop before I just start capslocking about my butthole.

So for Christmas, if you’re into it. Please spread the word, help me out and have ALL my eternal gratitude.

Now pardon me, I need more electrolytes and some food.



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