Here’s Looking at 2016

I have plans.

Let’s talk about some of what’s on the docket for 2016 here at Be That Shit University.

  1. I will be rolling out a whole new author site/blog. This addy will likely remain the same I’m just going to roll it all up like a one website burrito.
  2. Likely this will take a bit because after I buy a template I’ll be doing the fiddly bits of code myself. (Read sitting in my chair naked and sweating and yelling.)
  3. More crime/noir writing.
  4. Finish my first real poetry chapbook. Note-it is really fucking hard.
  5. HUGE changes to how we are doing SCLAB.
  6. More deeply not lesson/ism based personal writing.
  7. Virtual readings. Y’all don’t even know how into those I am.
  8. Get sticker/merch designed and together.
  9. Figure out the whole zine thing.

What else? Those are generally speaking my main things.

I have a lot of writing I need to do.

I’m still struggling. I’m not as anxious as I have been but trying to crawl out from under that and dragging the Black Dog has been whooping my ass on the regular. Shit is difficult as fuck and I’m working more hours at the dayjob starting soon.

What else?

I still have a lot of thoughts on breaking into genre fiction and how/why that is likely still not a total option for me.

For right now I’m trying to finish up some stuff and just unfurl myself so I can write the way I like to write. The way I need to write.

I’m also trying to work through/write through a lot of my feelings about inadequacy and reconciling my changing view of what literary success means for me while balancing my core Fuck You Pay Me beliefs and belief in myself. I feel like at this point, I’ve made some decisions and trying to stick with them for my own preservation while navigating spaces where my way is pretty weird, feels odd.

I’m working it out.

So I’ll leave y’all with a thought.

How deep do I go?

All the way the fuck in.

That’s how deep.

Coming soon I’ll talk about the books I read over and over again this year. And maybe some more end of year stuff and one big post of the things I love.

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