Yeah Write #248- I Dream of Doormen

I Dream of Doormen


Shannon Barber

Some say the Doormen are all brothers. Or clones, pieces of the same dream. In the world they all look alike. Beautiful elder Black men, long rawboned and devilishly handsome.

I saw one once. Late at night on the drunk bus. He was old enough to be my Daddy and gorgeous enough to be my Daddy. He smiled a gap toothed smile and smelled like a good time. A little musk, sandalwood and expensive liquor.

“Evenin’ miss lady.”

His voice transfixed me. The velvety promise of good head and breakfast after. It sent a delicate tingle of fear and desire from my tailbone to the base of my neck. He saw me.

“Hi. How are you?”

He hummed and my pussy tingled.

“Oh me, I’m right as rain. Sitting next to a pretty lady, being sped safely home, belly full. No, I can’t complain Madam Death. And I ain’t on the point of your sword, so me I’m good. You hunting tonight?”

He said it all so sweet and full of that pussy tingling bass it took me a minute to take it in.

“Going home. No blood for my thirsty blades tonight. You see me?”

He squinted at me and nodded. He saw, he looked into my soul and saw me.

“Oh, I see you. You burn. You shine like a beacon.”

I wanted him to put his big elegant hand on my thigh or lean over and murmur something nasty and delicious in my ear. No such luck for me.

He hummed and I vibrated from my cunt to the top of my head. He murmured some kind of dirty blues under his breath and held me with his eyes and voice.

“Well, here go my stop.”

He took my hand and kissed it with soft seeking lips. Skin to skin told me all I wanted to know. I couldn’t have him, he was not for me, but the desire would live under my skin for a long time to come.

“I’ll see you. Some night the Door you open will be mine. Goodnight Madam Death.”

My jacket smelled like him for days. Whenever I pass a Door I hope, I wish and wait. Someday The World will turn and it will be his door I crash through. For now I live with my fantasies. My bloody lips, his big hands and that voice humming to coax the secrets and magic of The World from between my thighs.



I changed my mind we’re gonna roll with The World for a bit longer.

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