Yeah Write #250-Name. A Name. A Shadow.

Name. A Name. A Shadow.


Shannon Barber

This is my last work as a Professori. I can feel my mind slipping into the eventual madness that takes us all. The nightmares have started, I hear myself dryly describing the things I record as they tear me apart or burn me alive. On waking I see the Shadows standing watching me from every dark corner. I obsessively study the diaries of the Professori who have gone before, desperate for anecdotal evidence of the inevitable decline.


I think I have four, maybe six months left. No one knows quite what happens to us. Our bodies are never found, we are never reported missing. If we have families they know the lore and that someday we will just be gone. When the madness begins, we say our goodbye’s and inhabit our remaining days like ghosts. I chose to have no family. I can only say goodbye to my books and my works.

I hate this.

It was my job to know. To record. To contribute to a very particular zeitgeist. I admit, I don’t want it to end in madness and mystery.


Write- to write so hard. Time short. Coming, it comes. No read, can’t read. Goodbye book.

I don’t know how long been. Leaves are turn, Shadow touch and whisper. I try- try remember my work. Yes, my work I did this work and record and wish to see The World I


Shadow come. I had a name a name a name oh please please what name? Name? Name like Sasha? Sarah? Mine? Please a name. Shadow? Shadow a name? Shadow please?


I hear now. They come. They come and reach from inside the shadow behind, behind the what? Name? Names is gone. Gone. Dark. Dark, world gone dark Shadow.



Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow s-

Recovery team note in the diary of Professori Ana Pasquale.

She was right. Like the others there was no body. Only the final emptiness of a small house blazing with light and reeking with the remnants of madness. Her last writings were only a page and only The World will know. Only the Shadows and Shadows covet their secrets.

Go now Professori.




This one was not inspired by the inspiration pic, but by the header pic on the Fiction/Poetry post AND the inspo line “Seven hours left of the day and it’s only Tuesday.”

7 thoughts on “Yeah Write #250-Name. A Name. A Shadow.

  1. Wow, yours was the last entry I read today and I am glad I waited to cast all my votes because you easily earned the last one.

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site and read your work I think, and I loved the terrible darkness of this story, the horror that your life ends in demented, tormented forgetting with no one to remember you or care that you’re gone – that’s what I took from this, pure horror, so of course, I LOVED IT!

    Are these characters, the Professori, some that you write about often? Is there more like this? Lol.

  2. rubybastille

    “inhabit our remaining days like ghosts.” I love that. I love the decline and the desperation to just remember what things are called.

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