Baby tries Fantasy. Ft Fancasting

Under the read more you’ll find the whole first page of my second try at fantasy. I tried it before with these characters and tried again. Actually I’ll show you the whole thing I have so far. In FACT I’ll include my fancast for it. Because that is a thing I do often. Also pardon if my train of thought wanders at times I haven’t really slept in two days.

My idea for this is this as follows:

  • Gender markers being fucked with. Our King is a woman named Nailah. Her wizard wears dresses because he likes them. King Nailah is a war king. She is a bad ass with a bad reputation and she likes to seduce everyone and hang out with her fellow warriors. Think Gina Torres would play her in a movie after beefing up a bit. Okay a lot of bit, like Linda Hamilton in T2. See here but picture her with locs and with some facial scars and tattoos.



  • Her Queen to be, is a literal cat person. So I spent some time studying feline social behaviors, etc. and came up with the assholest cat to be a cat person. Her name is Makatza and she’s somewhat of a mystical figure in this fantasy land. I thought a lot about how to incorporate some really specific cat behaviors into a human sized being. The tail swish, one turned ear, being a demanding but totally loveable little butthole. Imagine she’s furry, her middle body is beigy brown and as her fur goes around her body it turns black. But her fur isn’t like tiger fur, think more downy softy fur. Her ears are black, her tail is black and quite long. She isn’t a shape shifter, she is a cat person. Think a body type like Countess Vaughn here, but a bit less busty.
Imagine her as a cat.
  • Our next important character is called Nazar and he is the King’s bestie, former lover and war wizard. He is also very shy and anxious. In this part of this story (there are longer versions and notes)he’s still a bit young and has a bit of puppy fat yet. But yes this face both the younger and the older are what I imagine when I think of Nazar. He’s very loyal, very good at his craft and is a bit confused as to what role he is to play with the King.
Nazar the Catalyst as a baby wizard.
  • So far we also get a peek at First Regent Bilale who is like the captain of the gaurd, confidant, tactical expert and potentially the man who will teach our King to be a husband. I haven’t decided yet. Picture this gorgeous gent a bit older and scarred up. Like he’s been swinging axes and shit.
I just..well. Yeah look at him.

So far those are most of the major players I imagine in my head. There are some others I can’t totally see yet.

But we see why this could be an issue don’t we?

I’m sure somebody will be asking themselves, but where are the White people Shannon?



This magical land is full of black and brown folks (there is a char I picture as Margaret Cho with her shaved head, but that’ll happen later) but yeah. Naw.

What’s interesting is that one person I floated this idea to give me a little bit of the “but that’s not believable” I almost automatically spat out that Junot Diaz quote about motherfuckers reading shit in Elvish and inquired about how many places in medievil Europe were rocking dragons and shit?

I’m not sure how much of this world, I will create but so far I’m pretty into it. I’m working on word-building, like a whole world that is Earthy but not Earth. I’m working on creating some language, some cultural stuff and so far I haven’t gone off the deep nerd end.


So here you go folks. It is my birthday and my present to you is a bit of Cat Rules Queen, a fantasy WIP by yours truly. OH also this is entirely unedited exactly as it came out of my brain. No rewrites/correction so don’t trip.



The King came out of the privy still buttoning her breeches, her sword clanking on her hip. “So, I looked at him dead in his Gods Damned eye and said no but I’ll sit on her-” Her ribald story came to as abrupt a halt as she did. Standing right there, one ear turning, tail swishing, was the cat woman. She stared up at the King with her enormous pumpkin colored eyes.

“You’d sit on her what your majesty?”  Her whiskers twitched. The King stammered and dropped to one knee, unfortunately her breeches were loose and several men got a good half moon. She was too rapt to feel the breeze across her crack. “I, I oh please a thousand pardons Lady Cat. I hope I haven’t offended you. May I ask, what is your name?”

The cat woman tittered and offered her hand. “I am Makatza. I might forgive you your majesty if, you feed me. If you are really nice I might let you rub my ears.” The King rose and barely got hold of her pants before she showed everyone whether or not she really had a tattoo in a private place. She kissed the offered small soft fuzzy hand. “I shall endevour to please you. As you allow.”

The cat watched her, sniffed and sauntered away, hips swaying and her long almost black tail waving, just the silky tip of it curled into a little question mark. When she and her attendant were out of earshot First Regent Bilale stepped up. “Did you have a stroke while you were taking a shit?” The spell did not break. The King slung an arm over his shoulder. “Prepare me a bath, have the cooks get to work and find one of those pretty boys to prepare my tent. I am going to seduce my Queen tonight.”

Bilale watched her gallop away still holding up her drawers and shook his head as he went to do her bidding. He stopped to poke his head into the wizard’s tent. “Nazar, your friend probably needs your assistance.” The wizard rolled his eyes and shook his head. “What now? “ Bilale grinned his crooked gap toothed grin. “A cat woman.”

Across the camp King Nailah stripped and examined her body in a length of looking glass. At just 25 she had attained her full height, nearly six feet tall just like her father and cut a fine thickly muscled figure. She turned slightly, her brown skin was criss crossed with marks from battle and she wondered absently if cats like scars, and tattoos? She frowned slightly, her locs needed tending and her nails were filthy. She pulled on a dressing gown when her attendants scurried inside

“Loves, I need a bath and a good sharp knife to trim my nails. We are entertaining tonight and I want to make a good impression. Khalid, please go find Nazar and bring him here.  Preeti, there you are. Go to the cooks and tell them we should feed my guest rare and tell them to make them small so we can feed each other.” Preeti repeated the instructions, giggled and ran out of the tent. Khalid turned to follow and stopped, “your majesty?” “Yes dear?”

Khalid fidgeted and shifted his weight nervously. “Uh, is it true that there is a cat woman here?” King Nailah grinned at him. “Yes, and in a few hours near sunset she will be here. Now shoo, I have to bathe and I need Nazar. Even if he complains bring him.” Khalid’s eyes widened and he made a small bow before running out of the tent at full speed.

Nazar had already left his tent in search of the cat woman’s retinue of clerics and assorted chaperones. He spotted a good loo man in his middle 50s wal behind a small group of giggling young women. “Sir? Excuse me Master Cleric?” The man turned and tilted his head slightly. “Yes Nazar the Catalyst. What can I do for you.”

Nazar felt himself blush and cursed his pale brown skin. The older man smiled at him. “And you blush, Makatza will love you. Take care she’s prickly. Would you like to meet her?” Nazar gathered himself. “Later perhaps I hear she is getting ready to have dinner with the king. I eh, um-“ Nazar shifted his weight and tried to put his hands in his pockets before realizing he was wearing his favorite tunic style dress, his face turned yet another shade of burgundy.

The Master Cleric was polite enough not to laugh or poke more fun at the poor wizard and his round red cheeks. “She’s no virgin if that’s what you were going to ask. Makatza is perfectly aware of the kings reputation, don’t worry dear boy. There is little the king could do that would offend the cat. Is that what you wanted to know?”

Nazar stammered and did his best to take control of himself. The throbbing aura of power around the older man made him feel  over stimulated and anxious. “Yes sir. Thank you sir.” He bowed and before the cleric could say more he did the only thing his dignity would allow him to do and he turned and ran towards the royal tent.

Makatza materialized by the cleric’s side and cuddled herself under his arm, she watched Nazar run off and giggled. “He looks like one of those long legged birds I hunted in Neerith. So cute, I’m going to have his babies. After King Nailah and I have been married for two years. Or maybe three depending on how randy she is. Let’s go get ready, I want to be brushed.”  “Yes dear.” The cleric kept his tone mild, he’d already tried to explain to Makatza that humans don’t necessarily breed that way but she wouldn’t hear it.

King Nailah sat in her favorite washtub being scrubbed roughly by her longtime companion and closest confident Madame Arielle. “Stand up Nailah. Let’s have a look.” Nailah obidiently stood and the old woman slapped her wet bottom.

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