Yeah Write #262- A Sweetness and A Light

A Sweetness and a Light


Shannon Barber

She looks too small and fat to be what she is. In a film she would be lithe and lean but busty and wearing a torn crop top to expose an expanse of taut belly. She would be sexy and sweating just enough to make her clavicles glisten.

She is not.

He sees her in Kevlar and in a wide stance, holding two swords. There is an instant of pure dark silence before her body becomes a whirling howling declaration of death. Her hair is in cornrows, her feet in steel cap boots and he can spot the snake of wires coming from her earbuds, she is one of those girls.

She is magnificence in movement. Her foes, slithering gibberig things that aren’t even spitting distance of humanlike fall screaming and bleeding. He could help. He is a Mage and could conjure like his Mama taught him to, call fire and earth to help.

He won’t.

He has seen the others like her. They fight like nothing matters and go into battle with theme music and fingernails strengthened with acrylic and silk and filed to lethal points. He’s even seen them in their red bottoms and cocktail dresses, he’s seen them carry their broken and dead sisters out of The World.

She stands in the middle of a muddy puddle of ichorous blood and strange spongy body parts, her face is spattered with blood and when she looks up, her burning eyes find him where he hides.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Before he can declare himself, she hits that stance again, leading with the sword in her right hand, her upper lip curled. He’s terrified and aroused, he can feel his face flush as he raises his hands and steps out of the shadows.

“I’m not your enemy. I was only waiting to see if you needed help. I’m a-“

Her swagger makes his cock stir, she is on him examining him before he can go on.

“Mage. I’ve never seen one of you up close. Shouldn’t you like, glow or radiate light or some shit?”

Up close he can see that her eyeliner is still flawless.

“I can but don’t most of the time. Sidus like to eat us, but if we’re dim they can’t see us properly. You are amazing. I um, you-“

He stammers and when she grins, one deep dimple pops her round cheek and he can see that her light doesn’t just manifest as a reaction to The World, it comes from inside her. He sees that there is fresh red blood on her arms and her kevlar looks battered. Behind them, a door opens into a night he does not know. The Doorman stands, smiling at them.

“Best get on through children. Show me your talisman.”

She pulls a gleaming Susan B. out of her pocket and The Doorman stands aside, his door thrown open onto a tropical night so dark the Mage almost loses the track of things inside his own vertigo. She takes his hand.

“Come on Mage. I’ll show you something great.”

Hand in hand, they emerge next to a dirt track someplace warm and dark, she stops in a pool of moonlight and pulls him close.

“You ever fuck a Warrior?”

Poor Mage, with all the power in his blood, the power of seduction eluded him. Yet, there she is, the beautiful bloody Warrior grinning at him. This his Mother and her Mother’s didn’t prepare him for but his Daddy had.

“Not yet.”

 Someplace in the jungle, she stands before him stripped of her Kevlar and clothed only in her battle scars and dimple and those glowing eyes.

She is small and fat. Her brown body marked with stretch marks and scars and scratchy tattoos, she stands straight and proud and so beautiful he wants to die. The person who was bright, beautiful death and untouchable reaches for his hands and puts them on her hips.

Here, she is bright, beautiful life. She is the Mage and he is, what is he now?

What is he now?



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