Data Loss Update X-Posted from Patreon

GOOD NEWS!! (I’ll be cross posting this to my writing blog)

I found my older, less reliable flash drive that has backups from about a month and a half ago.

I checked it last night and here’s where I am at:

I have recovered Chapter 1 of the ongoing Daiyu rewrites.

I have some incomplete other fiction works that I will be able to redo.

My pitch list is gone so I have to redo that.

My submission tracking spreadsheet is gone.

I lost four entire short stories.

Some SCLAB stuff.

Blog posts for my new blog. 

And some other stuff.


Thanks to a donation (THANK YOU HOLY SHIT) I have on order a replacement thumb drive 32gb.

I was able to purchase some extra cloud storage.

I am moving the stuff from my old thumb drive to my new cloud storage.

I activated (FINALLY) my outlook that I;ve had for ages. I will be moving some of my submission info etc for safe keeping.

I also did some trouble shooting and have figured out that part of the problem was fubar’d settings on my One Drive along with a shit port.

SO going forward, I’ll be able to catch up.

I can breathe.

I have so much fucking work to do.

For Patrons, if I can manage to get your next chapters rewritten I’ll send it out at the regular time. If i can’t get something satisfactory I’ll send y’all something else but it WILL be good. Likely a first look at a whole new thing I’ve been trying.

Thank you as always for your love and support. You’re all just the bees knees, the cats pajamas and everything good in the universe.


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