The State of Things In the Shannonverse

I’m skipping Yeah, Write this week because reasons.

So how about an update in all things art in the Shannonverse:

  1. I am starting to collect up my The World stories. Once I have them somewhat in order I am going to maybe experiment with making them a KDP select thing if I have enough pages.
  2. For right now, I’m keeping the Etsy store open. A few more orders have come in and I have no other plans for the stories that are available right now so why not?
  3. In my semi retirement from freelance work state, I still have a Contently page. You can check it out here. I feel like some traffic through there might be helpful to me? I dunno.
  4. I have a few big swing essays out. I’m sending another tonight.Only one of them pays but whatever.
  5. I’m kind of trying again, not to stress about freelance work so hard for SO many reasons.
  6. A very dear friend has suggested that I try my hand at (when my laptop is done being rebuilt) actually giving some writer talks for my Patreon account. Things about my flash writing methods, maybe some reader/writer questions? Maybe.
  7. I’m working on some other things, passion/putting my blood into it things that I’m not ready to talk about yet.
  8. I also made progress on teaching myself how to write about art.

So I’m doing a lot behind the scenes here. I’m a duck, floating and paddling madly under the water.

Outwardly I’m feeling kind of lacking, however looking at my files I know I’m doing shit. I’m just very impatient with myself and I want to put some stuff in the world.

That said I’m going to try really hard not to be an asshole to myself about it because that never works out for anyone.

If you want to read some new stuff or see some archived stuff head over to Medium and have a looksy around.

I’ve gotten some questions from folks about Medium and I’ll to a post about it later this week.

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