I nerded hard

SO the thing happened this weekend.

I sat in a room full of writers and nerded hard on them about writing.

It was pretty great. I feel like I babbled a bit more than I planned but I was only super nervous for the first couple of minutes. I really, really enjoy talking to folks about writing. I talked a lot about just letting yourself do it.

You can find the handout with an attached story here. Feel free to download it and play with it.

And right now I can say with a lot of enthusiasm that I would like to do this more often.

I heard that folks felt inspired and ready to write and that is perfect.

So, um.

I don’t know how to make that happen but it does make me want to do some classes even more.

The reading on Monday was great though I have stuff to say about being on the UW campus that isn’t so great.

The event itself was……holy fuckballs y’all. It was fire. There will be some video, taken vertically (all apologies) but it’ll happen.

Okay I think that’s all for right now I have a cold and I’m terribly tired.


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