Artsy Bucketlist and books and things-sort of

Well oh hi hello.

Before I get emo about stuff n things a few announcements.

Y’all might have read this piece I had published in Wear Your voice Magazine.  Along with some really nice thanks, a lot of White people said a lot of shit. So I wrote this piece as a follow up.

What else?

I’m working on my arty bucketlist. I’ve been digging, no let me be as hyperbolic as I feel, I’ve been blood letting and working on some of these and fuck y’all shit is so hard. Sometimes after such joy working on the Daiyuverse or writing new poems (new poems up here) and then I sit down (currently the best way for me to work is a pillow/lap desk situation because of my lower half) and I work on these bucketlist shits and I just gut myself.

I’m doing a lot that is that sort of confessional, narrow, all in my tin orbit type of writing and then I’m also writing about how, even when that was like the shit a lot of POC especially Black women couldn’t/can’t get that published. It’s a very particular type of writing, it is often expository and deeply naked and emotional but doesn’t necessarily need to engage with the big bad world.

What else?

My first paid review is up over at Roar. Y’all, that book just is everything. Please read and share.

It has been an awful day. A terrible weekend and I’m so angry I can’t do anything except be mad.

So I think that’s all from this corner of the world.


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