YeahWrite #356- Microprose challenge. Baby Red.


Baby Red


“The fuck is you?”

The wolf licked his lips.

“Oh, you a tenderoni. Come on and give Grandma a kiss .”

Baby Red carried a glock and Nana taught her how to use it.

“What you gonna-?”

Baby Red smiled.

“Not today bitch.”

And the wolf was no more.


8 thoughts on “YeahWrite #356- Microprose challenge. Baby Red.

  1. This was exceptional. I love the cadence, the voice, the measured way you enticed the reader through this scene. Without once describing the setting, you managed to convey it vividly.

  2. Christine

    I love the idea of Nana being so tough. It makes me think of the version where she cuts the wolf open, stuffs him full of stones, sews him up, and shoves him into a trough or a well.

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