What ten years looks like.

I was digging around in my files for something and I stumbled on a copy of my most comprehensive submission tracking. Y’alls. You want to see what almost ten years of rejection looks like?

First thing, there are a lot of them missing. Looking at a couple of other ones and looking through my email, the actual submission numbers for 9/7/2010 through 8/20/19 are closer to 1k or so. But y’all know how much of a data driven boner type person I am so here we gonna get it.

You’ll notice almost all of these are rejections. Some of these things got picked up. Some never did. Some I don’t even remember writing.

This is why I say I eat rejection. I think I have another whole ass list (different) that if I can find it I will post it.

Buckle up babes.

Title Submission Date Organization Status
Walker 9/7/2010 2:07 Necessary Fiction Declined
Waking Oshun 9/22/2010 20:48 decomP magazinE Declined
Being Human 1/21/2011 21:16 kill author Declined
Still a Strange Girl. 2/2/2011 22:46 Battered Suitcase Accepted
Selling Myself 2/28/2011 21:25 Monkeybicycle Declined
Familiar Skin 3/4/2011 2:37 Storyglossia Declined
Familiar Skin 3/7/2011 17:49 Necessary Fiction Declined
Lady Things 3/21/2011 18:17 Eclectic Flash Declined
Lady Things 3/25/2011 22:53 fwriction : review Declined
Ladies Night 3/27/2011 3:25 Leodegraunce Declined
Ingenue 3/28/2011 20:25 A-Minor Declined
Sleeping Beast 3/29/2011 2:22 ABJECTIVE Declined
She Didn’t Make It. 4/14/2011 2:15 Little Episodes Declined
Dog and Girl 6/10/2011 3:09 d.ustb.in Withdrawn
Keith  Appropriately. 6/14/2011 21:55 The Midwest Coast Review Declined
Meeting God 7/15/2011 17:53 wtf pwm Declined
Lady Things 7/21/2011 20:39 Stone Highway Review Declined
Lovers of the Ages 7/28/2011 3:22 Specter: A Curated Literary Website Declined
Baby Miracle In Love 7/29/2011 17:08 Black Fox Literary Magazine Withdrawn
Lovers of the Ages 8/15/2011 17:54 Metazen Withdrawn
Nice Ladies and Wild Women 8/19/2011 18:44 [PANK] Declined
Good Bye Fat Girl 8/24/2011 17:35 Used Furniture Review Declined
Good Bye Fat Girl 9/2/2011 17:20 fwriction : review Declined
Goodbye Music 9/9/2011 17:37 Word Riot Declined
Familiar Skin 9/10/2011 3:04 Atticus Review Declined
Goodbye Music. 9/13/2011 17:15 Belletrist Coterie Declined
In HippySunshine I Trusted 10/10/2011 17:37 Specter: A Curated Literary Website Accepted
Single Black Female 10/26/2011 17:21 Gertrude Press Declined
Calling Oshun 10/31/2011 17:52 MUD LUSCIOUS PRESS Declined
Several Poems. 11/8/2011 17:27 Counterexample Poetics Declined
Familiar Skin 11/8/2011 18:03 Left Hooks Declined
Four Poems by Shannon Barber 12/9/2011 22:02 Camroc Press Review Declined
4 Poems. 12/14/2011 18:43 Interrobang Magazine Declined
The Woman in the Niqab 12/14/2011 18:56 Dark Sky Magazine Declined
The Black Mermaid. 12/26/2011 17:09 Publishing Genius Withdrawn
For Her to Sleep. 2/21/2012 3:01 Word Riot Declined
Familiar Skin 2/23/2012 2:39 Girls with Insurance Withdrawn
Awful. Greedy. Beauty. 3/1/2012 21:00 Two Serious Ladies Declined
Awful. Greedy. Beauty. 3/7/2012 18:28 Corium Magazine Declined
Girls  Girls  Girls 4/23/2012 18:57 SmokeLong Quarterly Accepted
Flirt. 5/11/2012 3:23 The Molotov Cocktail Accepted
Familiar Skin 6/15/2012 3:47 Linden Avenue Literary Journal Accepted
Nice Ladies and Wild Women 6/15/2012 4:11 fwriction : review Declined
Te Quiero Butthead. 7/31/2012 4:23 Out of the Gutter Online Declined
Princess  The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story. 8/8/2012 4:59 Slit Your Wrists! Magazine Withdrawn
No Habla 8/8/2012 5:37 Camroc Press Review Declined
Te Quiero Butthead 8/11/2012 2:52 The Monarch Review Declined
No Habla 8/11/2012 3:08 Used Furniture Review Accepted
The Female of the Species 9/11/2012 3:25 Menacing Hedge Declined
Black Mermaid 11/26/2012 18:16 Quickly Withdrawn
Keep Her Away From Me. 11/26/2012 19:41 Word Riot Declined
Go Home. 11/30/2012 18:46 Northern Lake Publishing Declined
Keep Her Away From Me. 12/5/2012 17:31 Bloom Withdrawn
Go Home. 12/7/2012 2:53 Side B Magazine Declined
She Didn’t Make It 12/13/2012 3:55 deactivated TOSKA Magazine Accepted
Various poems. 12/26/2012 2:37 Behind Closed Doors Withdrawn
Of a Body 2/4/2013 17:51 Unshod Quills Declined
Go Home. 2/21/2013 16:54 Curbside Splendor Publishing Withdrawn
Bridget Approved. 3/21/2013 18:54 Looseleaf Tea Accepted
Princess  Daddy and the Dope Fiend 3/27/2013 19:18 Necessary Fiction Declined
Black Mermaid. 5/4/2013 3:22 Jersey Devil Press Declined
A Small selection of poems. 6/5/2013 3:32 Bone Bouquet Declined
Of a Body 6/5/2013 18:13 BLACKBERRY: a magazine Declined
Princess  The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story. 6/5/2013 20:28 Prickly Pear Printing Declined
You Are Not Us. 7/1/2013 19:03 Word Riot Declined
You Are Not Us. 7/6/2013 3:03 The Rumpus Declined
Princess  The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story. 7/15/2013 16:50 10 000 Tons of Black Ink Declined
Of a Body 7/15/2013 17:15 Gravel Accepted
A Woman Obsessed. 7/22/2013 16:46 Portland Review Withdrawn
Dream of a Not Mother 7/23/2013 21:40 Cease  Cows Declined
Poetry Submission from S. Barber 10/20/2013 17:43 Birdfeast Declined
The Quick Dozens 12/18/2013 4:10 The Citron Review Declined
Various Poems 1/9/2014 3:35 DREGINALD Declined
Tempted 1/26/2014 17:45 [PANK] Declined
Go Back. 2/6/2014 20:46 Vending Machine Press Declined
Meditations of an Aging Whore 4/18/2014 19:09 tNY.Press Declined
Cutter Love 4/22/2014 18:38 Red Bridge Press Declined
Tempted 5/11/2014 18:18 freeze frame fiction Declined
Becoming Mujer Congelada 6/6/2014 19:37 Menacing Hedge Declined
Meditations of an Aging Whore 6/6/2014 19:56 ExFic Accepted
Various Poems. 8/26/2014 3:54 Barn Owl Review Declined
Driver 8/29/2014 3:31 Wyvern Lit Declined
Driver 11/29/2014 13:53 The James Franco Review Declined
Driver 12/16/2014 22:14 Gay Magazine Declined
In Mourning of Us 9/7/2015 20:31 The Offing Declined
How I Could Just Kill a Man 3/10/2016 21:28 The Offing Declined
Poetry Suite Submission 6/24/2016 17:04 The Suburban Review Declined
Body For War 7/14/2016 21:07 Black Warrior Review Declined
Cocaine Monster 9/1/2016 23:22 Intrinsick Declined
Black and High Functioning. 10/6/2016 21:32 The Manifest-Station Accepted
The Cowboy’s Mermaid or A Story of Wet Love in the Dry World 12/22/2016 21:25 Rigorous Accepted
Quickest and Dirtiest Guide to Diversify Your Publication. 7/11/2017 16:22 Submittable Content for Creatives Declined
Various Poems. 8/2/2017 11:34 Okey-Panky Withdrawn
JT Leroy Is My Daddy 11/11/2017 14:42 Electric Literature Declined
Misc Poems 3/7/2018 13:28 POETRY Magazine Declined
Misc Poems by S. Barber. 5/10/2018 14:45 Dream Pop Press Declined
The Boy. The Black Man. 5/15/2018 16:41 The Rumpus Declined
Misc Poems 5/16/2018 10:27 The Offing Withdrawn
Misc Poems 5/30/2018 13:15 BOAAT PRESS Declined
Shannon Barber 6/8/2018 14:32 Submittable Promotion Completed
We. Them. I. Us./Black Reign. For BBQ Becky  Permit Patty and other scared White People. /Generational Blood Songs. 6/29/2018 11:24 The Sun Magazine Declined
Tongue Fuck 7/13/2018 11:42 The Molotov Cocktail Declined
Bad Bitches Suite 7/24/2018 11:06 Virginia Quarterly Review Declined
We. Them. I. Us. 8/31/2018 11:03 The Adroit Journal Declined
We. Them. I. Us. 9/12/2018 11:36 Electric Literature Declined
Blood Fugue 4/20/2019 15:30 Heavy Feather Review Accepted
I Confess. I Hurt. 5/3/2019 14:15 Gay Magazine Declined
Make me a Monster 8/20/2019 15:34 The Rumpus In-Progress

Hi you still here? BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. I found another sheet. From 3/29/10 through 8/29/14. Buckle in babe.

Piece Market Date Sent Response
Murder Room Sex and Murder 29-Mar-10 Acceptance
Self  Vs. Self Sleep. Snort. Fuck. 21-Jun-10 Acceptance
Bloody Knuckles Molotov Cocktail, The 13-Jul-10 rejection
Bloody Knuckles Underground Voices Magazine 23-Jul-10 rejection
Black Girl is a Dreamer. amphibi.us 27-Jul-10 Acceptance
‘Parasites Who Are Lovers Brain Harvest 27-Jul-10 rejection
Bloody Knuckles Out of the Gutter 10-Aug-10 Acceptance
Want Black Words On White Paper (bwowp) 31-Aug-10 Withdrawal by author
Walker Necessary Fiction 7-Sep-10 rejection
Walker Red Fez 17-Sep-10 rejection
Street love Sleep. Snort. Fuck. 17-Sep-10 Never Responded
Waking Oshun decomP 22-Sep-10 rejection
Thank you Tony. Legendary, The 28-Sep-10 Acceptance
True Love delinquent, the 5-Oct-10 rejection
Waking Oshun Misfit Magazine 25-Oct-10 rejection
4 poems Gutter Eloquence 1-Dec-10 Acceptance
I Cannot Wait THIS Literary Magazine 1-Dec-10 Acceptance
True Love Every Night Erotica 5-Dec-10 Acceptance
A Golden Misadventure Sexology: A Literary Journal of Sex Writing 5-Dec-10 Never Responded
Still in the Streets Children, Churches and Daddies 21-Jan-11 Acceptance
Being Human kill author 21-Jan-11 rejection
Waking Oshun Every Day Fiction 31-Jan-11 rejection
Still a Strange Girl Battered Suitcase, The 2-Feb-11 Acceptance
‘Parasites Who Are Lovers Circlet Press (Website) 2-Feb-11 rejection
Being Human Night Train 28-Feb-11 rejection
Familiar skin Storyglossia 4-Mar-11 rejection
Being Human Bastards and Whores 4-Mar-11 rejection
Familiar skin Necessary Fiction 7-Mar-11 rejection
The girl I met Amaranthine Muses 24-Mar-11 Acceptance
Familiar skin Sick of ‘Em?: The Anti-Literary Journal 24-Mar-11 Never Responded
Meeting God Short, Fast, and Deadly 25-Mar-11 rejection
Ladies Night Leodegraunce 27-Mar-11 rejection
Ingenue A-Minor 28-Mar-11 rejection
Sleeping Beast ABJECTIVE 29-Mar-11 rejection
Never a wife One Forty Fiction 29-Mar-11 rejection
Ingenue Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure 31-Mar-11 rejection
Ladies Night DOGZPLOT 4-Apr-11 rejection
Waking Oshun Strange Horizons 12-Apr-11 rejection
Ingenue Literary Burlesque, The 5-May-11 Acceptance
Ladies Night Anomaly 5-May-11 rejection
Sleeping Beast Death Head Grin 5-May-11 Acceptance
Selling Myself Busk 9-May-11 Never Responded
Dog and Girl d.ustb.in 10-Jun-11 Withdrawal by author
Single Black Female Staccato Fiction 27-Jun-11 Withdrawal by author
Meeting God wtf pwm 15-Jul-11 rejection
Lady Things Stone Highway Review 21-Jul-11 rejection
Bite Freaky Fountain Press Showcase 28-Jul-11 Acceptance
Lovers of the Ages Specter Magazine 28-Jul-11 rejection
Senryu Duet Mused: The BellaOnline Literary Review 29-Jul-11 Acceptance
3 poems- murderer. 5 lies about shannon, burned an Ink Sweat & Tears 29-Jul-11 rejection
Baby miracle in love Black Fox Literary Magazine 29-Jul-11 Withdrawal by author
Lady Things Burner Magazine 29-Jul-11 Never Responded
Waking Oshun Pear Noir! 8-Aug-11 rejection
Lovers of the Ages Metazen 15-Aug-11 Withdrawal by author
Nice Ladies and Wild Women PANK Magazine 19-Aug-11 rejection
Goodbye Fatgirl Used Furniture Review 24-Aug-11 rejection
Meeting God Furious Fictions 26-Aug-11 rejection
3 poems- murderer. 5 lies about shannon, burned an Clutching at Straws 31-Aug-11 rejection
Owner of Mouths Other Room, The 1-Sep-11 rejection
Goodbye Fatgirl fwriction : review 2-Sep-11 rejection
Nice Ladies and Wild Women Fix It Broken 2-Sep-11 Withdrawal by author
Goodbye Music Word Riot 9-Sep-11 rejection
3 poems Indigo Rising Magazine 9-Sep-11 rejection
3 poems Spilling Ink Review 9-Sep-11 rejection
Goodbye Music elimae 10-Sep-11 rejection
Familiar skin Atticus Review 10-Sep-11 rejection
Goodbye Music Belletrist Coterie 13-Sep-11 rejection
Selling Myself Whistling Fire, The 19-Sep-11 rejection
The Woman in the Niqab Neon 26-Sep-11 rejection
The Woman in the Niqab Eunoia Review 10-Oct-11 rejection
In Hippy Sunshine I Trusted Specter Magazine 10-Oct-11 Acceptance
Dog and Girl Cezanne’s Carrot 10-Oct-11 rejection
Single Black Female Pure Francis 24-Oct-11 rejection
Goodbye Music Scissors & Spackle 24-Oct-11 Acceptance
Baby miracle in love Bare Root Review 24-Oct-11 Never Responded
Being Human Corvus 25-Oct-11 rejection
Single Black Female Gertrude 26-Oct-11 rejection
Waking Oshun Mud Luscious Press [online quarterly] 31-Oct-11 rejection
Goodbye Fatgirl Milk Sugar: An Online Literary Journal 31-Oct-11 Acceptance
The Woman in the Niqab Read Fiction 31-Oct-11 Withdrawal by author
3 poems- murderer. 5 lies about shannon, burned an Counterexample Poetics 8-Nov-11 rejection
Familiar skin Knockout 8-Nov-11 rejection
4 new/old poems Camroc Press Review 9-Dec-11 rejection
Corporate whore Left Behind: A Journal of Shock Literature 9-Dec-11 Never Responded
3 poems- murderer. 5 lies about shannon, burned an Subliminal Interiors 9-Dec-11 Never Responded
Dog and Girl Foliate Oak Literary Magazine 14-Dec-11 Acceptance
4 poems Interrobang?! 14-Dec-11 rejection
The Woman in the Niqab Dark Sky Magazine 14-Dec-11 rejection
Waking Oshun Melusine 14-Dec-11 rejection
Black Mermaid Everyday Genius 26-Dec-11 Withdrawal by author
Waking Oshun Wigleaf: (very) short fiction 3-Jan-12 Withdrawal by author
3 poems- murderer. 5 lies about shannon, burned an Randomly Accessed Poetics 6-Feb-12 Acceptance
No Habla Apocrypha and Abstractions 13-Feb-12 rejection
For Her to Sleep Word Riot 21-Feb-12 rejection
Being Human Dirtflask 21-Feb-12 rejection
Black Mermaid anderbo.com 22-Feb-12 rejection
Familiar skin Girls with Insurance 23-Feb-12 Withdrawal by author
Awful Greedy Beauty Absinthe Revival 28-Feb-12 rejection
Awful Greedy Beauty Corium Magazine 7-Mar-12 rejection
No Habla Ad Hominem 19-Mar-12 Lost/Returned
Girls Girls Girls. SmokeLong Quarterly 23-Apr-12 Acceptance
Flirt Molotov Cocktail, The 11-May-12 Acceptance
3 poems- murderer. 5 lies about shannon, burned an Smoking Poet, The 14-May-12 rejection
Familiar skin Linden Avenue Literary Journal 15-Jun-12 Acceptance
Nice Ladies and Wild Women fwriction : review 15-Jun-12 rejection
Single Black Female Belly Fat Magazine 15-Jun-12 Never Responded
Insomnia Shadowbox 18-Jun-12 Withdrawal by author
Te Quiero Butthead Out of the Gutter 31-Jul-12 rejection
No Habla Camroc Press Review 8-Aug-12 rejection
Princess, The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story Slit Your Wrists! E-Zine 8-Aug-12 Withdrawal by author
Te Quiero Butthead Monarch Review, The 11-Aug-12 rejection
No Habla Used Furniture Review 11-Aug-12 Acceptance
Te Quiero Butthead Bone Parade 20-Aug-12 rejection
Black Dyke Dream or Prayer to Gay Oshun Broad! 7-Sep-12 rejection
Being Human Menacing Hedge 11-Sep-12 rejection
Being Human Linguistic Erosion 4-Oct-12 Acceptance
Te Quiero Butthead Yellow Mama 8-Oct-12 Acceptance
Nice Ladies and Wild Women Word Riot 26-Nov-12 rejection
Black Mermaid Quickly 26-Nov-12 Withdrawal by author
Go Home Rusty Nail, The 30-Nov-12 rejection
Digger Safety Pin Review 5-Dec-12 rejection
Coffee Blue Aberration Labyrinth 5-Dec-12 Acceptance
Day/Dreamer Aberration Labyrinth 5-Dec-12 Acceptance
Nice Ladies and Wild Women BLOOM 5-Dec-12 Withdrawal by author
Awful Greedy Beauty Thirteen Myna Birds 7-Dec-12 Withdrawal by author
Go Home Side B Magazine 7-Dec-12 rejection
Princess, The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story FRiGG 12-Dec-12 rejection
Digger Misfits’ Miscellany 12-Dec-12 Never Responded
She Didn’t Make it TOSKA 13-Dec-12 Acceptance
Feminism Beat Me Red Fez 13-Dec-12 rejection
Freedom Brevity Poetry Review 26-Dec-12 rejection
Firestarters Infernal Ink Magazine: Devilishly Erotic Horror 26-Dec-12 Acceptance
Lycanthrope Behind Closed Doors 26-Dec-12 Withdrawal by author
Bridget Approved Blackness Crack the Spine 28-Dec-12 rejection
Freedom Mad Swirl 28-Dec-12 Acceptance
Awful Greedy Beauty Flash Me! The Sinthology 19-Jan-13 Acceptance
Of A Body Unshod Quills 4-Feb-13 rejection
My hood Drabblecast 11-Feb-13 rejection
Go Home Eunoia Review 20-Feb-13 rejection
Go Home Curbside Splendor E-Zine 21-Feb-13 Withdrawal by author
Insomnia damselfly press 25-Feb-13 rejection
Killer, Duck and The Boys Thuglit 9-Mar-13 Acceptance
Of A Body Momma Tried 18-Mar-13 Withdrawal by author
My hood Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine 18-Mar-13 Acceptance
Bridget Approved Blackness Looseleaf Tea 21-Mar-13 Acceptance
Waking Oshun Expanded Horizons 27-Mar-13 Acceptance
Princess, The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story Necessary Fiction 27-Mar-13 rejection
I Grew Up To Be Her Coming Together: Girl on Girl 4-Apr-13 rejection
Glass Girl/Woman. Alone Bop Dead City 3-May-13 rejection
Black Mermaid Jersey Devil Press 4-May-13 rejection
Minstrel Show Fiddleblack 4-May-13 rejection
Glass Girl/Woman. Alone Dressing Room Poetry Journal 4-May-13 rejection
Bad Shannon(s) at the End of the World Visceral Uterus 10-May-13 rejection
Lycanthrope Rattle 15-May-13 rejection
Glass Girl/Woman. Alone Bone Bouquet 5-Jun-13 rejection
Princess, The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story Wilde Magazine 5-Jun-13 rejection
Of A Body Blackberry: a magazine 5-Jun-13 rejection
Insomnia Epiphany: An Unpretentious Publication 6-Jun-13 rejection
Bernie’s Warg Pseudopod 8-Jun-13 rejection
Glass Girl/Woman. Alone Sugar House Review 13-Jun-13 rejection
Black Girl/ Bitch/ Dreams Pyrokinection 16-Jun-13 rejection
Black Beauty on Fire Red River Review 16-Jun-13 rejection
Street Mama Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, The 29-Jun-13 Acceptance
Go Home litbomb 29-Jun-13 Never Responded
You Are Not Us Word Riot 1-Jul-13 rejection
You Are Not Us Rumpus, The 6-Jul-13 rejection
Bernie’s Warg Strange Horizons 12-Jul-13 rejection
Of A Body Gravel: A Literary Journal 15-Jul-13 Acceptance
Princess, The Dope Fiend and Daddy: A love story 10,000 Tons of Black Ink 15-Jul-13 rejection
A Woman Obsessed Portland Review 22-Jul-13 Withdrawal by author
Dream of a Not Mother Cease, Cows 23-Jul-13 rejection
Spider Queen/Unlearned Yes, Poetry 23-Jul-13 rejection
Dream of a Not Mother Postcard Shorts 30-Jul-13 rejection
Go Home Bumf 27-Aug-13 rejection
4 new/old poems Sporklet 19-Sep-13 rejection
Organic Human Dissident Daily Science Fiction 20-Sep-13 rejection
misc new poems/feral 3:AM Magazine 5-Oct-13 rejection
Spider Queen/Unlearned Birdfeast 20-Oct-13 rejection
Destroyer I/II/Exctinction even Blood Lotus 20-Oct-13 rejection
Tempted Thursdaze Flash Fiction Series 27-Oct-13 rejection
Insomnia Blue Monday Review 15-Dec-13 rejection
The Quick Dozens Citron Review, The 18-Dec-13 rejection
Glass Girl/Woman. Alone Camel Saloon, The 9-Jan-14 Acceptance
Tempted Black Market Lit 9-Jan-14 rejection
misc new poems/feral DREGINALD 9-Jan-14 rejection
Tempted PANK Magazine 26-Jan-14 rejection
Go Home Vending Machine Press 6-Feb-14 rejection
Meditations of an Aging Whore theEEEL 18-Apr-14 rejection
Cutter Love Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks 22-Apr-14 rejection
Bernie’s Warg Tor.com 7-May-14 rejection
Tempted freeze frame fiction 11-May-14 rejection
Tempted StepAway Magazine 28-May-14 Never Responded
Becoming Mujer Congelada Menacing Hedge 6-Jun-14 rejection
Meditations of an Aging Whore ExFic 6-Jun-14 Acceptance
Imbas/Black Girl/Bitch Melancholy Hyperbole 12-Jun-14 rejection
misc new poems/feral Leaves of Ink 15-Jun-14 Acceptance
Becoming Mujer Congelada Rock Bottom Journal 15-Jun-14 Withdrawal by author
misc new poems/feral Rust + Moth 20-Jun-14 rejection
Cutter Love Urban Graffiti 11-Jul-14 Acceptance
Reach Back and Get It Black Mirror Magazine 11-Jul-14 Acceptance
4 new/old poems Rusty Truck, The 11-Jul-14 Withdrawal by author
We Deserve it Nailed Magazine 26-Aug-14 Acceptance
4 new/old poems Barn Owl Review 26-Aug-14 rejection
Driver Wyvern Lit 29-Aug-14 rejection

One thought on “What ten years looks like.

  1. This inspires me. I love how you reframed rejection. I’m recently getting back into writing and rejection hits harder than it did when I was younger. I forgot it is just part of the process. Thanks for the reminder.

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