Good News everyone.

Good news and some links to stuff I like.

First the news. I got my second hood noir piece into one of my favorite magazines. I’ll be appearing in the next issue of Thuglit. Out um..? I dunno, at any rate head on over to the facebooks and check them out.  If you like modern noir it is the shit.  I’m very excited about that one.

Next up you can still read my first spec. fic story over at Expanded Horizons.  I am honestly so pleased with the pieces I’ve had published so far this year and the ones coming up this summer. I like where I am driving this bus.

What else?

Okay ready for some stuff I like?

First up I picked up a copy of Mike Arnzen’s INSTIGATION: CREATIVE PROMPTS ON THE DARK SIDE.  I have been a fan of Arnzen’s work and his instigations for years now. I actually had a piece instigated by one of his prompts published quite a while ago now. The book is very entertaining. If you are someone who likes prompts that don’t involve fluffy bunnies and rainbows, pick it up.  I’ve found that for me, using prompts in a not necessarily literal fashion can really help me out if I’m feeling uninspired or just want to let myself write. This comes highly suggested. I love having this sort of thing at hand.

One of my favorite new erotic presses has a call for submissions up. Go read about it here. My personal favorite piece of information is this:

We believe that well written sexuality has no boundaries; we are looking for stories with any sexual orientation and all genders. Similarly, we are an equal opportunity publisher; we accept submissions from authors of any genders. The two limitations we have for this anthology are as follows: no underage characters who engage sexually with adults and no snuff.

I just picked up Raziel Moore‘s newest book from there.  If you like your erotica on the darker side and very well written you should check out his work. I’ve been a fan for a long time thanks to the ERWA lists.  I promise a review when I’m done reading it.

Ah, if you haven’t paid for Duotrope and are unsure about doing so, in the current issue of Poets and Writers there is a coupon code for a free month of service. Head to your local news stand, library or other place with writing mags and check it out. I forgot my print copy of the magazine at home or I’d just put it here. If you don’t have the money for a full membership here’s what I suggest. Get together some finished work, stuff you are ready to send out. Use the coupon code, submit like crazy. Also during your free month make copious notes/bookmarks for places you’re interested in submitting work to. At the end of your month you can have submissions out AND have some market research ready to go without shelling out money you might not have.

I saw this linked on facebook (Tony DuShane? I dunno, I can’t recall) and it made me chuckle. I love articles like this. 

As much as HTMLGIANT can get on my nerves, I really enjoy a lot of the book related posts. In particular this one 25 Points: American Psycho.  Just go read it I promise it’s not annoying.

This post over at the Rumpus along with some of the things linked in it (scroll down) and the whole stupid debate about whether or not confessional writing/non fiction is okay, is on my mind right now. I don’t have my thoughts together yet but I’ll probably make one of my thinky I’ve been chewing on a thing for a while posts about it soon.

If you like non fiction and you’re not reading the Brevity blog, what are you doing with y our life? You should read it, I love it. This post in particular.

Last link is this piece over at Smokelong by Venita Blackburn. It is fucking lovely. I mean it.

I think that’s all for today y’all. I am an allergy ridden mess. So let’s wrap up with my current working stats.

Duotrope says:

Pending Submissions: 10 7 2 1
Sent Past 12 Months: 47 33 8 6
Sent This Month: 1 1 0 0
Acceptance Ratio: 40%* 37.5%* 57.1%* 25%*


Not bad.

Other issues.

I am out of ready to submit work so I’m taking a couple of weeks to polish up finished items and finish up a few things. I am trying to tweak my routine a bit so I have a bit more (for my taste) flexibility and stash of items to submit as I feel fit. I am still really hoping to hit 100 rejections by mid-late summer. But as we all know one must submit like a mother fucker in order to be rejected like a mother fucker.

SO I’m getting on that.

For right now I have a pot of strong tea brewed at my left, a phone on my right and dayjob duties to attend to.

If you have links to stuff you want to share, your own work or whatever you think is interesting feel free to leave them in comments. Just don’t be spammy.

Later taters.

Links n things.

A few links and things.

I really want to talk more about race in the lit world but I can’t today I’ll just get too pissed off.

Instead how about some links?

For a group I’m in on facebook I made a little short writing resource list with free to use resources for writers. You can download the PDF here.  You can share this with people. Don’t sell it  or take credit please that’s not cool.

Do you know and love some authors of color? Go to the Rumpus and put them on the list.  I will probably talk more about how non POC need to come at this list and lists like it and why it is important to do but not today.

If you haven’t already you really need to go read the Hip Hop issue of Specter. No really you do it is really fucking good.

Also check out NAP 2.7. I really love how NAP is laid out. I dig it.

This is old but bears rereading. This interview with Erykah Badu in Vibe from 2010 is really good. Normally I take issue with the writing in Vibe but yeah. I like it.

You should go check out Linden Avenue and then submit. I’m super excited to be in the next issue and you should submit too.

Blackberry is also accepting new submissions. This is a super opportunity for Black women to have their own space in the lit world.

On the personal front no news. I’m still waiting for answers to the last three queries I sent but I think those are gonna be a bust.

I think that’s all for now. I have some work to do today.

Also don’t forget you can buy stuff I’ve written check the links on the right.

OH one last thing. My crocheted shawls/goods shop is SO close to opening. I’m very excited of that and am really happy to be able to make a little money doing something that makes me calm.


What I’m reading.

Since I posted last night I just want to do a little round up today of what I’m reading right now.

First up, y’all know how I feel about Jerry Stahl. Go read ALL the things over at the Rumpus by him if you’re not familiar with his literary work. I can’t with him today, the third installment of OG Dad made me want to smooch his girlfriend then do as she did and laugh in his face.

Next, I read about this first on facebook and have been following it. Please, take this as a cautionary tale. What happened to this poor authors work is awful. Check out the stuff Nick Mamatas (another author I dig) has written about it.

Muumuu House posted this link on tumblr last night and given that I’m not a Thought Catalog fan, I missed it when it was posted originally. This piece by Megan Boyle just delighted me to no end.

This piece by Roxane Gay at the Rumpus, god damn it. God damn it this is why I can’t be talking to other authors because I keep just stopping myself from sending her another gibberish filled fangirl squee email of doom. This essay, you need to read it.

Via Alt Lit Gossip  I found TMD writes on Tumblr. I really enjoy seeing what other people are reading (as in I’m really nosy) and what they like.

My friend Athena has started a new lit mag called Linden Avenue. They are open for submissions for the debut issue. Check it out.

Blackberry lit mag is also still open for submissions. They are the place for Black lady authors.

Remittance Girl made an interesting post about her own work years after the fact. Interesting tidbit, Gaijin was the first piece of her work I ever read. As they say in rom coms the rest is fangirl ass over tea kettle love history.

Over at Zouch there is an essay called Six Songs for Crying In The Shower by John Thornburg. I really like it a lot. If you don’t reach Zouch you should check it out.

I think that’s all. I have work to do and stuff to read. No lit news of my own right now.

Radio Silence continues. Later this week I’ll do a calls for submissions round up of things I find interesting.

Rejections? Why yes I have many.

So many rejections this week.

I believe I’m up to three rejections for this week.  All of them for new work and of course had high hopes for. I spent my allotted time to be butthurt about it last night. Today all three will be rereleased into the wild.

I did have one new acceptance. Did I mention that? I got my Senryu duet accepted for the next issue of the BellaOnline literary magazine Mused.

It always makes me giggle to myself a little when I get poetry accepted. I don’t really write formal verse aside from my little senryu-ish things and poetry is usually what I call the end result of brain vomit. Sometimes the spew comes out glittery and beautiful, other times I keep it tucked away in my notebook where it won’t blind anyone.

I think I’m going to revisit a few magazines that I’ve submitted to in the past. All from 2010. There are a few that I’m fairly obsessed with getting into/impressing for various reasons.

Today though I must admit I’m wallowing in a little woe is me nobody likes me I’m gonna eat worms.

It’ll pass.

So some links.

Over at Necessary Fiction Brian Kitely is the Writer in Residence and he wrote this entry about First vs Third person POV. Personally I’m a big fan of first person. I don’t hate third person in general, when (as with all literary things) it is done well it moves me but I’m more likely to be moved by stories in first person.

I highly suggest submitting to Pank via their tip submission thing.  Had I known about this when I submitted earlier this month I would’ve done it. Yes I did get rejected from them thanks for asking. Specifically for the queer issue.

There is an interview with Haruki Murakami over at the Book Bench and an excerpt from his forthcoming new book.

Oh goodness, while I’ve been writing this POW another rejection. I’m going to allow myself the full day to pout and feel unwanted. I can’t pout too much. The end of last year was fairly rough going as well. Deep breath. Instead of submitting today I’m going to work on new material.

Moving along.

If you are in/around NYC, I spotted on facebook that the Nuyorican Poets Cafe is taking resumes for Fall interns. Check it out on facebook.

Found out via the Erotic Readers and Writers Association there are some interesting calls from submission out right now.

ForbiddenFiction is looking for submissions.  I like the blurb on their website:

What is ForbiddenFiction?

ForbiddenFiction is a publisher devoted to writing that breaks the boundaries of original erotic fiction. We will be publishing stories which combine intense sexuality with quality writing. If it’s a well written erotic story, we’ll consider it.

From the little bit I’ve poked around it looks to be interesting.

Super editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has opened up submissions for a new female submission anthology. Her books are always quality and she has excellent taste.

And I’m spent. Look for a whole entry full of links if anyone gives them to me tomorrow.

Now I’m going to go nurse my bloody and sore ego then write more.

An acceptance and some other things.

I just got word I will be in Amaranthine Muses later this week. I’m excited about that it’s an experiment on my part. I’ve been writing small strange love stories that are my flavor of love story.

Also um, this just astounds me. Why an author would (under her actual name) behave that way in public is so far beyond me.

I feel embarrassed for her I really do. I hope she learns from that debacle and never does it again.

Don’t people realize how fast that sort of thing travels? How awful.

In not awfulness news go read Antonia Crane’s last entry here. It’s really beautiful.

I’ve been trying some new things with my writing with fairly good results. I submitted my first 140 character (tweet length) story. I’ve been experiencing a few things in the short fiction market that just baffle me.

What else is going on?

Oh before I forget my friend the ever fabulous Clint Catalyst posted a call for submission today. Go look.

Go read this piece in Six Sentences by Amanda Paul. I really like it. I’ve been reading that zine for quite a while and I really enjoy what they publish.

I am so tired. I stayed up really late last night working on submissions, I wrote a flash length thing and started some rewrites but by then it was almost 3 AM and I hadn’t eaten anything. Despite being extraordinarily thankful that I have a day job that mostly pays the bills and keeps my partner and I housed and fed, sometimes I really wish I had more time for writing and the associated tasks.

As I say often to myself too many words not enough time.

Lately I’ve also been having more fatigue issues as is usual for the season change.

Gotta keep working though. Keep hustling.

Time to get back to work.

Confessionals and a call.

Since I began writing creative non fiction with purpose, I’ve noticed that one thing from my blogging has remained intact. I am a serial confessor.

As I work on these essays I am confessing, I’m telling on myself not because I feel guilt but often because I feel joy. I feel joy in survival. I feel joy in looking back and understanding how key certain events in my life have been.

It’s terrifying.

I can tell the entire internet what color my pubic hair is but this process still frightens me.

I find my terror electrifying and a sure sign that I am going in the right direction. If there is no fear in my process I’m not being honest and I don’t like that.

I just saw this on facebook, one of my favorite artists Hazel Dooney posted a link to this watercolor study and it very well puts a visual for me on this feeling. Go look here then I will explain.

The explanation. I told her on FB that this piece makes me feel gleefully terrified. See, I’m terrified of birds. Birds freak my shit right out. I am at the point now to where I can have birds near me-ish but they still scare me. And yet I’m fascinated by them and occasionally delighted by them.

This work makes me feel like I can let out these things that are so terrifying and the anticipation of those things coming out of my mouth is delightful. I call her posting this serendipitous for me today.

Before I post a tidbit of the essay I’m working via twitter I found out that the always excellent Nobilis is editing a new anthology. Check it out here. It looks like it will A.) be really good I love the theme and B.) be something I may be into submitting to if I can get my shit together.

Now under the read more thing a tidbit of the essay I’m working on.

Continue reading “Confessionals and a call.”