Too Excited For Life

So thanks to my patrons and using Smarty pig and some other monies coming in me getting a laptop to use at home to work on is imminent.

It is fairly modern, a fancy little Toshiba that isn’t too fancy but fancy enough.


Writing on computers that are not mine, my phone and relying on cloud storage has been fuckin rough.

BUT I’ve been doing that shit because sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

It’s been rough, but some good things have happened right? I mean I had a book come out like three days ago.

I’ve been invited to readings. I’ve been writing poems and shit.

Now here are some things I am working on and have been plotting:

  • Writing about my own gender identities
  • Writing about my weirdly syncretic spiritual feelings
  • Writing more genre fiction
  • Podcasting
  • Vlogging about books, beauty, other stuff I wanna talk about.


What I’m wanting to be is unstoppable.

I want to create whatever comes into my wee head.

I have been on that grind, and I want more.

I need more. I have shit to say. I have a LOT OF SHIT I NEED TO SAY.


I am so full of creative ambitions. There are so many things I want to be able to do. I want to learn how to properly write a movie script. I want to finish the Daiyu Saga. I want to make me a lil youtube channel and talk about ALL the stuff that I love. On one channel. Deal with it.

Now no I can’t do ALL of this on this one little computer but, having it to work on means I can get more done more efficiently.

So many exciting things are happening right now.

So go buy the book. Or come join me on Patreon. I’m so about this life right now.

And having Patreon and these side hustles means I can keep being about it.

And that’s super exciting.

Self Care Like A Boss has Landed.

Right now when this posts I am on a bus on my way to work.

Right now, right this instant you can buy my book.



Click the cover and get your wallet cause it’s going down.

This is for real real.

If you can’t buy the Ebook right now don’t worry. It’s going to be available for a long time AND you can get some free preview material over here.

I’m so pleased and amazed to be able to do this. I will write more later on about the process and the depth of work emotionally and writing wise that’s gone into it.

But for now, come on and get the book. Share it with your friends and let’s all learn to human.



My Book is about to be born.

Do you hear that noise?

The rumbling in the distance is the sound of my guts churning because my book is almost born.

Now you may be wondering, “but Shannon I’m a fucking adult what more do I need to know?”

Well, in Self Care Like A Boss we talk about a lot of stuff. For instance, we talk about disability and thinking about it when we’re able bodied. I give some able bodied to able bodied folks some advice. As in, if someone doesn’t ask you, don’t mess with their wheelchairs or other things.

We talk about what to do when you’re sick and nobody is there to take care of you, dealing with gender and pronouns, pooping, beauty for everyone of whatever gender.

This is not just adulting, we’re talking about thriving and basic survival in a society where a lot of us get the not so subtle message that it doesn’t matter how we live.

We talk about bodies and moving.

SO darlings.

My homies.

Now here is where I’m looking for your help.

If you are willing, here’s how you can help:

  1. Help me get the word out. Tweet, fb, share on various social media the link to my book.
  2. Have a blog? Feel free to snag the image and/or link to put up.
  3. Have a book coming out too? Drop me a link and I’ll post it up.
  4. Have questions? Ask away in the comments.

Now here is the cover:


Here is the link.

Link to my newsletter.



Self Promotion Post of all the posts.

august 2015

Portland, on Weds I’m going to be all up in you reading with this group of amazing WOC. Come on out, we might bite and we’re going to light up the night.

Now hopefully I’ll be able to get good video. I’m gonna try to work with my technology to make it work.

Next up, right before Self Care Like A Boss is unleashed on the world, I’ll be reading at Left Bank Books here in Seattle on the 29th. I don’t have all the details yet so stay tuned for that.

Speaking of Self Care Like a Boss our first tee shirt campaign was a success! YEAH. Now if y’all missed it and still want a shirt here’s the deal. We need to snag 10 orders of each style to go to print with them. If you want one, please for real go here and click the I still want one button and share widely.

As we’re running up on the release of the E-book here’s how to keep up. If you tweeter, follow my publisher here. For info on how to pre-order head right here and contact Milcah.

If you are more interested in my fiction, good news. If you have a couple of bucks you can head over to my Etsy store here and get some fiction! When I get home from Portland I’ll be adding some extra goodies for y’all.

Want to do more? I am currently 6$ away from a monthly goal at Patreon of having an extra 9$ a month to tuck into my savings account. Want info? Head over here.

Here’s the thing.

If you’re poor, you can help me out too. I am all in for signal boosts, spread the link to this entry or any of the others listed above. Put my name all over social media if you are so inclined.

Y’all have been so great and I’m so excited about what I’m doing. I cannot wait to have even more good news to share.

Now the author must feed herself before she has a toddler level meltdown.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all of you who’ve been reading and coming along with me for the ride.

Words and things and whatnots.

Okay, I have some new stuff for y’all to read.

First this. I am over at the Yeah, Write Blog. Sweet!

Next up I busted out a wee essay about reaching racial pain threshold and used one of my infamous  metaphors. My Cardigan Has No Pockets.

Later this week new flash fiction by me too.


So okay.

Someone asked me not long ago if I’m salty about the success of E.L James is it? That fifty shades chick.

Look, here’s the deal.

I’m pretty well aware of my audience and frankly her super fans prolly wouldn’t like my freaky ass. That’s fine.

Fuck yeah, she wrote some filthy shit and made more money than I can even imagine.


Honestly, I’m more upset that my financial plans were derailed by an unexpected 50$ expense for the month.

Frankly, she’s not paying me. She’s not fucking me. I don’t care for her books so I really don’t have the energy to give too much of a shit.

What else?

I’m having feels about formatting again. I think I’m just not going to submit to a lot of places that have to have that. I’ve noticed that due to the style I tend to write in, visually manuscript format just looks fucked up and like I got it wrong. I don’t know why I have such a thing about that. I really just hate to see an ugly story and I feel like on first look, it makes my submission just look sloppy.

What else?

I’m laboring on another urban fantasy story. This one was inspired by a post on Tumblr and is about a Black fairy who lives just outside Seattle, her cat shape shifter girlfriend, her Djinn heritage and a fucking dragon egg she and her girlfriend are now proud Mama’s of.

It started out just about the egg and the Djinn family heritage.

Now it’s about family dynamics, relationship changes, dragons and how does one exactly lug around a dragon egg in the modern world without breaking the rules or tricking people into thinking you’re pregnant.

Also work on SCLAB is going like hell. Come over here to check up on what we’re up to.

I’m writing a lot. Stress or no, I am feeling very good about what I’m putting down. I’m working on some other new nonfiction that is a bit of a departure for me. I’m still not super sure about it and some of it gives me the worst bubble guts but, we know that is my cue to go the fuck in.

Tomorrow I’ll post a tiny Yeah, Write story.

The rest of the week I’ll be absent because HOLY SHIT I GET TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND AND WIFEY.


I’m super stoked.

Okay, that’s all for now y’all. I got work to do.


Soundtracks, reasons and whatnot.

I treated myself to premium Spotify because I must have an appropriate soundtrack at all times. It is the best eight dollars I’ve spent in months. Currently this is happening. Oh if you are feeling fancy let’s follow each other.

I am habitually listening to music while I work and often that means I’m wriggling and chair dancing, semi sit down twerking. It helps me write. Don’t ask why.

What else?

Oh I spotted a lot of things fetishising writing by hand. With all of the advice about how much of a better writer you’ll be and whatnot I get a little, uh I side eye it a bit.

What about writers with disabilities that makes it so their output is reduced by handwriting?

What about older writers or writers with arthritis?

Writers who are unable to handwrite? Writers with learning disabilities?

Here’s the thing. When I was a wee baby writer I took serious writing advice (as in the stuff in Poets&Writers, the stuff famous name authors say etc) as gospel. I had no college, I was not an MFA student. I was (the time period I’m thinking of) a phone sex operator making 6.25$ an hour working in the billing office and a few more dollars taking calls.

I skipped meals to buy quality paper and buy time on computers and bought lit mags and P&W. I wanted to show that I too was a super srs writer type.

What I’ve noticed in the ensuing decade is that writing advice is still pretty presctiptive. It is still pretty heavy on ignoring the other (disabled folks, elders, poor people, etc etc etc) and I think it’s kind of crap.

Not kind of, it’s just crappy.

Where is the advice for using your available tech to the fullest?

Where is the advice for putting together resources so us proletariat non MFA headed/types can have those amazing resources and learn those skills?

Nope, people argue about whether there are too many MFA programs, freak out because a writing teacher was unmoved by their students. Holler at each other about WHY THEIR PROGRAM IS SO FUCKING GOOD SHUT UP…

The lit world can be set on fire because someone had the nerve to be unimpressed with MFA programs in general but, you know when we can do some real good and make the lit world a bigger better place….crickets.

So yeah. I’m just not impressed in general.

I might write some of that.

Next thing.

I’m on the phone so I’m going to nerd about second person POV. That’s what I was playing with in my yeah write.

So I’ve never really tried using second person quite that way before. I’ve done it in poems and micro micro fictions but never that way.

I was thinking about post apocalyptic fiction and trying my hand at it. Frankly I find the usual military/zombie/other post apocalypse fiction kind of boring sometimes. I wanted art to be in there front and center.

So this wasn’t one I’ve had stashed away. It was more of the writer at play. I had these ideas, the flower faced Black girl, the mute poet. What is sadder than a poet without a tongue?

I really wanted that tight intimate kind of almost clausterphobic feeling there at the beginning. I was absolutely going for mood.

Um I had more but I’m tired and have a shitload of work to do today.

So come check out the latest from my forthcoming book Self Care Like a Boss. Shit is gettin hyphy over there.

Holy damn a new year.

I’m running on fumes right now. If you could see my gauge for things like REM sleep and whatnot it’s real low.

My insomnia not withstanding it is 20 mother fucking 15. Weird.

SO come and join Milcah and I at the Self Care Like a Boss Blog. 

Go open that in a new tab and I’ll be here.

I had to write an intro post and it was way harder to do than I had anticipated. While I have blogged for years and occasionally written the essay about myself they have all been around issues.

I tried to come at it from a memorist type perspective. Why the fuck didn’t anybody tell me how hard that is?

I had these ideas about how awesome and wonderful I’d be. I thought I knew what I wanted to say and then….yeah no shit was hard.

It wasn’t even that long and it felt gut wrenching. It was all the shit I’m scared of and feeling and I did it.

I had this moment while I was working on it (whilst in the throes of a migraine and 10/10 would not recommend that as a method of work) I had this little list in another window. Shit that I can’t write about yet because I don’t know how. Or I’m just too scared.

I knew I was poking the right stuff when I felt vomity while I was working and then wanted to crap my pants after Milcah published it.

After that I’ve decided that I will dip my toes in memoir but I’m not ready to jump all the way in.

Of course that means I’m going to try it.

I may or may not publish the memoir flavored stuff but my little roach brain who is also a sadist says do it.

I suppose that is 90% of my writing mission this year. Write that shit.

What else?

I don’t even know y’all. I would like to finish some new fiction. I have some stuff to shiny up and launch into the space.

What are you doin?

How was your new year and stuff?

Is your body ready?

End of the Year Things.

I’m closing out the year on an insomniac uh, I hate to say downward spiral but my brain is not doing the thing and I have not been rebooted so yeah.

So instead of my general end of year navel gazing I’m gonna talk decisions.

Hard ones.

  1. I’m not going to go hard for freelance work. That’s been a killer for me. I want to do it, I have that urge to be a go getting type writer spreading my words across ALL the platforms but that’s just not how I work. I want to trust my own process, remember I’m not a journalist nor do I aspire to be one and be okay.
  2. I also have decided to stop writing about racism for free. Remember the Paris Review shitshow? All those views, nice comments with a side of a few super amatuer trolls. My pain and spleen. And again, I feel like I got little in return. Now I did gain some new readers (HEY y’all) and some new folks have been exposed to my work. I also know for a FACT that several other writers (no I’m not naming nor linking for reasons) made money off the back of what I wrote. They GOT PAID because I wrote about my fucking pain and let down. That’s fucked up. No kickback, no thank you, at least three people didn’t even bother to name me fully, drop a link to my blog here or my website (all of which are easy to find) or anything. So after that happening when I was fat blogging and several times blogging here I’m just…yeah. Fuck you pay me. I’m not going to bleed all over here only to see that some nice White folks regurgitate my words and say I’m inspiration so they can get paid and I get shit.
  3. That said, I don’t know -where- to write about racism in the way I do because see #1. I dunno. I have some ideas I’m thinking about but given how things have gone I don’t see them happening.

Quite frankly I have honestly had enough of being undervalued and having my work taken willy nilly.

I’m pretty done with being told I’m “inspirational” but when it comes time to share around the rewards of work put in, crickets.

Here’s the thing. When I write this stuff, I deal with the trolls and being called names and the threats etc by myself. I have to keep commenting on lockdown, even though it interferes with things like Yeah Write because I give enough of a shit not to expose the world to every asshole who wants to come call me a racist cunt or tell me I deserve to lose my job and die.

Other decisions.

I don’t really want more regular positions anywhere. My current 12 hour work days (including my commute), the general state of my health, my precarious tech at home, etc. all mean my writing time is finite and precious. So I’ll stick with XoJane and maybe if something else catches my eye I might submit nonfiction type shit other places but yeah. I’m tired.

You know I’m not a big fan of being in the position of needing to change how I work so I don’t feel like I’m being stolen from.

I really don’t.

I was going to quickly close down this spot, but I’m not doing that again.

I’m struggling, but I believe that if my work is good enough to use for source material, for it to be straight up jacked it is good enough to be paid for.

Now for some decisions that are more fun.

  • More craft stuff. I have really enjoyed being of help to other writers and I still love talking out my process even as it changes or evolves.
  • More book reviews. I constantly forget to update goodreads and forget to in depth review stuff I love but there will be more of that.

Now another important thing.

Over at Self Care Like a Boss come get to know me a little bit. Feel free to follow us on tumblr and share what you find over there far and wide.

I think that’s all. I have a lot of writing to do and I’m terribly tired.

I hope 2015 brings all of you all the success and love and everything you need.

To us all I say-

Don’t Stop. Get it. Get it.

News, books, and stories.

I have lots of news.

First up my new piece in Milk Sugar. I was so happy they took this piece. I wanted so badly to give a different fat girl/lady narrative and from the feedback I’ve gotten thus far I made it happen. Here’s a taste:

People who haven’t seen me in a long time grin at me, they squeal and
congratulate me on my weight loss. They croon about how cute my brand
new ass is. Women take me by the elbow and lean in close, the levity gone
from their faces and they ask.

What else?

I busted my ass and finished my second collection.

Book cover for Wayward Words: Vol II

Click the image to get to Amazon and get it for Kindle.

Like the first collection everything is pretty much raw. I wanted to leave things as much as they were right after I wrote them as possible.  I had intended to put this out later this month but it felt incredibly pressing and important to get it out now.

This amazon publishing thing is kind of um..well yeah it feels a little like over paying to strip but whatever. Gotta get my hustle on.

Speaking of hustle if you do decide to purchase my book there, I’d be super excited if you purchased it through my Amazon Affiliate store. Frankly I wouldn’t make more than half a penny or so but every half a penny counts.

Just to show you what all this hustle is about this is what I’m saving up for:

That is the Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook.  For me it’s about all I need. I do like that I’ll be able to save my documents on the intertubes and not rely so heavily on shuffling things from hard drive to thumb drive to internet and back.

It’s light weight, cheapish. So yeah that’s what is happening.

A few people have asked (and it’s a little overwhelming) how to help support me. Honestly read my stuff. If you are feeling particularly flush you can buy something or send me a dollar through paypal.

I think that’s all for right now. I’m feeling wound up and I need to chill the fuck out.

Time to grind y’all. I am knee deep in fuck writing and I don’t want to stop.

Shit just got real. Shameless self promotion.

I have been a busy little monster.

My essays are packaged up and ready for my editor. Matter of fact right after I post this I’m going to double check things and send them to her.

The other huge thing I’ve done is I put out my small fiction collection on Smashwords.

I had a very serious specific idea for this collection and frankly I’m really pleased with what I came up with.

I introduce:

Click the image to buy.

Here’s the lowdown.

Short collection of prose and poetry by author Shannon Barber. Each work is presented to the reader with a short introduction about how the piece came about, all stories and poems are presented unedited and in the original state they were written.

I have wanted to do something like this for a very long time and only this year gathered up the spine to do it.

This is my first serious independent adventure in publishing. I have some goals and I’ve already met most of them so far just by doing it the way I wanted to do it.  I’m really excited.

A lot of my friends/readers are like me and don’t have any money. I need other kinds of support and will take it thankfully.

If you can’t afford to buy a copy right now there are a million other ways you can support my little adventure.

If you’re on Goodreads come be my friend at my brand spanking new shiny author page here.

You can like my Amazon author page, ask me questions and pass it along to your friends.

You can pass the smashwords link along to your friends. If you’d like to use my promo image in your blog or somewhere let me know and I’ll write you some code. The image is hosted by me so don’t worry about that.

Next up during Nanowrimo (which I’ll post about later) I’m going to get with some other indie authors I’ve met recently so I can help them out and support their work.

That said if one of you would like some promotion, if you want to do an email interview drop me a note either via comment or you can head to the About the Author page and use the form.

Now if y’all will excuse me I’m going to drink some tea and do some writing.