How to Support My Work Master post.

I’ve been meaning to put this all on one page for a while. Here we go.

Here is the current and official breakdown of how to help keep me afloat.

  1. Number one thing. Donate (check the paypal button on your lower right) or become a Patron. Why do that? Basically, I don’t produce my best work while I am trying to hustle up freelance work. I get too stressed out. I am not a journalist nor am I well able to keep up with current events quickly enough to write, edit and pitch timely pieces. The other thing is that I am working class poor. I have a partner who is disabled and am the breadwinner in our little family. I sat down a few months ago and did the math on how much it would take on a monthly basis to get me comfortable to do what I do. Currently counting both some monthly bills, membership dues, etc. I am just about at where my patron is, about 70$ give or take. However, my circumstances have changed. My rent has gone up and I will have to shift some bills back into my “writing related” budget. Currently I am aiming to try and rustle up about 100$ a month even. Doing that would ensure I can continue to save for my laptop and (I will explain later) go to AWP2016 *yes i’m still going* as well as things like software, the occasional donut, educational books. If you use Patreon you will get a monthly dispatch from me as well as my eternal gratitude. Currently I have no solid way to do the same for PayPal donations. However, if you’d like your own copy of something I’ve done just let me know.
  2. You can come to shop over in my Etsy Shop. I’m doing reprints AND originals over there. Soon I’ll be adding a small selection of used Vintage books. And after I save some capital I’ll be offering hand made tiny bound stories, colored, signed and numbered. I’m also going to make some poetry, art cards and some other stuff.
  3. Read and share my stuff. If you like something I’ve had published someplace, done here or elsewhere, please share it with your friends. I don’t have an advertising department and I depend on word of mouth.
  4. Share my funding stuff. I still feel very weird about it, but as they say, closed mouths don’t get fed. If you can’t donate I am not mad at you. You can still help me by boosting the Broke Signal.

What can you look forward to?

As I settle into not having to do the soul killing hustling, I am able to create more content I feel good about. So far already I’ve written about three times as much fiction in the last month as I have in the previous three months. I’ll be able to use Duotrope again and submit more often. I will also be able to do more things like what I post over at Medium without stressing about getting paid for them.

Mainly with y’alls help, I want to remain an indie writer. I want to write the things I’m good at and not have to struggle quite so hard.

Thank you for reading this and thank you everyone for your support, readership and everything else. Thank you.

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