If you haven’t read it already go read this piece by Steve Almond in The Rumpus.

My favorite one is this:

14. Because I believe literature’s central purpose is not to pretend we don’t have bodies and their consequent needs, but to make us feel less alone with these needs.

Outside of my frequent emotional hand wringing about literature, one of the things I treasure about literature is access.

I pick up a good book and I live in another skin. And when those skins seem to never eat, shit, or fuck I get very suspicious.

That isn’t to say that I find all of those skins necessarily interesting. There are many that don’t interest me at all, the more important thing is that there are more of them to read and taste.

Speaking of skins I like, I started listening to the audio performance of The Black Echo (also having an Audible subscription is kind of the best thing ever) by Michael Connelly. If you’re not familiar with it, this is the first book in the Harry Bosch series.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but, I am a HUGE fan of this type of detective novel. It all started with me snagging a paperback Ed McBain novel off of my Mother’s bookshelf. I am an absolute sucker for detective novels and police procedural novels.

I think Harry Bosch might be my favorite. He’s a chain smoking semi asshole and I find his progression through the books very endearing. The women in these novels annoy me at times, always so perfectly beautiful but it goes with the territory.

I feel like Audible is the perfect device for me to indulge my polyamory relationship with books. I’m also listening to the Count of Monte Cristo but, the reader for that one his voice is so soothing it makes me sleepy.  Next I’m listening to the Jack Reacher books again. I don’t even want to discuss the movie. Fuck Tom Cruise.

When I was getting the Bosch book  I realized that the reader is the same for the Reacher books and that makes me really happy, I really like how he performs.

And so I continue my self indugence and richness in books I love.

Tomorrow I will finish my review of Bodies Made of Smoke.

Also this week I want to talk about (mostly to myself) the urban fantasy/magic stories I have been working on and how I feel about them.  And maybe a new list of books I recommend reading since I haven’t done one in a while.