On Writing Erotica.

Okay first go read this written by Elissa Wald over at LitReactor.

Now I want to talk about some other things about writing or consuming erotica.

Lately I have resumed work on my  jouissance/dark limerance loosely themed tiny erotica collection.

In the (holy shit) twenty or so years I’ve been writing erotica one of the few things I have always kep0t close to my heart is her #8.

8. Bring The Reader Into Another World

We read to be transported, and there’s no reason erotic writing shouldn’t demand the same original vision and creativity as any other genre. Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace and the Chateau of Roissy are richly imagined alternate realms with their own rules and rituals and hierarchies.

From my point of view as a writer, I have become very good at recognizing and embracing the fact that especially when it comes to erotica I am taking the reader somewhere they haven’t gone, don’t know or are totally unfamiliar with.

Most of my favorite erotica takes me there.

This is one of the reasons (of many) why I love Remittance Girl’s work so much. My favorite of her stories Heat Sink (I can’t get to it to link because I’m at work) transports me. I don’t tend to have a lot of submissive or heterosexual fantasies. But because as an artist her work is so finely honed and she understands the value of restraint in writing.

Now let’s talk about #5.

5. Keep It Real

Two flawlessly beautiful people having ecstatic sex is just about the least interesting thing I can think of. The key to any fictional scene is tension and conflict. It’s okay for characters to feel awkward or angry or afraid within a sex scene. It’s all right for a man to be short or to wear glasses (meet Laura Antoniou’s Chris Parker), fine for a woman to have a flat chest or ample proportions. We are drawn to each other’s darkness, strangeness, sadness, and vulnerability.

This for me as a reader can be a huge deal breaker.

As a writer I take the challenge of giving the reader enough, but not so much that the focus becomes perfectly perky tits and big throbbing man meat.

For me I prefer to give this type of description rather than lingering on taut buttocks and slender hips (I’ll get to that phrase in a minute)

We rearrange ourselves. We have practiced this moment. He knows where
to kneel on the bed; I get my little step stool from the corner of the
room. I look at him, one hand jammed under my harness, my pussy is so
wet- I’ve wanted him this way for so long, he looks so perfect.

We see here that my narrator is watching her lover and giving us what’s happening from what she’s taking in visually to what she’s feeling in her crotch. The two are clearly connected and important to her. I have found over the years that this is an excellent method for really putting the reader in the action beyond saying hey my lover has an awesome ass. Read the rest of that piece here.

Now let’s talk about how to get there.

One of the things I’ve picked up from Remittance Girl over the years.

My method of doing this is to approach the body from inside my own skin and extrapolate from there.

Let’s do a thing.

Rub your forearm until it’s good and warm ten blow across it to give yourself goosebumps.  You don’t have to write anything but think about it. THe feeling of gooseflesh rising, how it looks, then if you are so inclined you can go from there.

How does it feel when someone who is turning you on gives you goosebumps? Did they bite you? Blow on your neck? Whisper in your ear?

For me, the erotica I most like to read and write is nested inside those places. The beauty of that for me is that the pleasure, the struggle etc don’t have to come from a single motivation.

We all know I love a good hate fuck (literally and not), I love a grudge fuck, etc etc. You can write all of those things and they are all pleasurable to read and experience- right from your body.

Single point of origin (have I talked about my whole Cunt LIt thing lately?) where you can go from there is infinity.

As a reader when you filter out the perfect perky butts and six pack abs, frequently when writers rely on those perfect beautiful people for their erotic fiction there can be a lack of substance. For me personally it’s just not to my taste. Too much emphasis on slender hips, perfect thigh and whatnot. For me as both a reader and writer that’s about as interesting and engaging as looking at a perfume ad in a magazne.

Now let’s talk about my project.

When I started it, I was really just messing around with concepts introduced to me (with fancy words) by Remittance Girl. I spent a lot of time thinking about the further reaches of eroticism and the themes that turn me on personally and creatively. I’m calling them “dark” because not only am I fondling darker emotions (hate, violence, hate tinged lust etc) I’m also going in on kink that can be classified as edgy.

Beatings, blood play, forced feminization, classic Leather Daddy tropes. Etc.

For me this is the art part of writing. I am purposefully pushing myself into places that are both comforting and disconcerting. I’m working to explore the edges between domestic violence and foreplay, broken hearts, predation. Creatively speaking I’m playing. I’m skin changing and doing the part of writing erotica that has always spurred me. That being what it is I’m still taking my time. I’m including some older work that I’ve gone back and tweaked. This is not for the faint of heart and I’m really happy about that.

So now you dear reader.

I think you should read Elissa’s piece. Read some great erotica and then go write some.

Seriously. Give it a shot.

Try writing a flash piece that’s all foreplay and wonder. Write some serious deep dicking. Write about the road that takes someone from lust to act to satisfaction. Don’t forget it doesn’t have to be throbbing dicks and perky tis.

Get nasty.

Get real.

Saggy tits, people who fall out of bed or who just want to get off.

Come on.

You can do it.

Okay that’s all I have for right now. Later taters. Actually not all. I’ll post a little something something smutty in my other blog today or tomorrow. Or if you want to read something now go here and have at it.