Welcome to the Daiyuverse!!

Hello there Universe and interested humans. This is a little promotion for my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/shannonwrites Inside you’ll find an introductory essay about what I’m up to and a whole lot of words to read through the creation of my urban fantasy in progress novella. I’ve included the entire first version of the Daiyuverse, two stand alone short stories, one of my early letters to my patrons with an early version of the first original chapter of the Daiyuverse, and a standalone chapter of the original verse where I wanted to highlight a relationship. You want more? MOAR!!! There is a blog post I wrote for my Patreon where I discuss the importance of me staying in my lane as an author while I’m writing other cultures. I’ve also included the original intro I’d written for Daiyu WITH a letter about it!! Holy hot ding dong!

This is a nice peek at what I’m doing and what I feel is a pretty good introduction to me as an urban fantasy writer.

So, you person who likes to read. Download this here thingy. This is adult material, this is not a kids book. There are bad words, queerness, some violence. After you’re done reading, check the intro doc for a coupon code good for any purchase from the rest of the store here.

If you were into it, consider becoming a Patron or buying some more of my work here! Share it with friends! Read my other work!

After you download the zip file, please make sure you read the intro doc first so you know what’s up.

Thanks for visiting and reading!

Enjoy the thing!! <–download here