Women Writers for you To Read

A by no means exhaustive list of women writers to read in 2014.

Please note, I have mostly included women who haven’t had recent huge commercial success. If you identify as a woman and would like to be added to the list drop me a comment with your name and a link of your choosing.



Aaminah Shakur http://aaminahshakur.com/
Abigail Nussey http://abigailnussey.com/
Ali Liebegott http://aliliebegott.com/
Alisa Valdes http://alisavaldes.com/
Amy Jo Sprague http://amyjosprague.wordpress.com/
Anna March http://www.annamarch.com
Antonia Crane http://antoniacrane.com/
Ariel Gore http://arielgore.com/
Ashley Bethard http://ashleybethard.tumblr.com/
Ashley Inguanta http://ashleyinguanta.com/
Athena Dixon http://www.athenadixon.com/
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins http://brettejenkins.blogspot.com/
Carmilla Voiez http://carmilla-voiez.tumblr.com/
Chesya Burke http://chesyaburke.livejournal.com’
CJ Roberts http://www.aboutcjroberts.com/
Cynthia Rodríguez http://www.cynthiaescribe.com/
Daphne Gottlieb http://www.daphnegottlieb.com/
Dena Rash Guzman denarashguzman.com
Eden Baylee http://www.edenbaylee.com/
EJ Koh http://thisisejkoh.com/
Elissa Bassist http://elissabassist.com/Elissa_Bassist/Elissa_Bassist/Elissa_Bassist.html
Elissa Wald http://therumpus.net/author/elissa-wald/
Ellen Meister http://ellenmeister.com/
Eugie Foster http://www.eugiefoster.com
Flavia Dzodan http://www.redlightpolitics.info/
Frances Varian https://www.facebook.com/frances.varian/about
Franchesca Renfroe http://mypendreams.tumblr.com/
Gayle Brandeis http://www.gaylebrandeis.com/
Haddayr Copley-Woods http://www.haddayr.com/
Hanne Blank http://www.hanneblank.com/
Harper Eliot http://itgirlragdoll.com/
Helen Stubbs http://helenstubbs.wordpress.com/
Hydra M. Star http://www.hydramstar.com/‎
Janet Mock janetmock.com/
Janae Green http://janaegreen.wordpress.com/
Jenée Desmond-Harris https://www.facebook.com/JeneeDesmondHarris
Jenny Forrester http://jennyforrester.com/blog/
Jillian Venters http://www.gothic-charm-school.com
Jolene Kendry http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004Y18T2C
K. Tempest Bradford http://tempest.fluidartist.com/
Kate Zambreno http://katezambreno.com/
Katherine L. Logan http://www.katherinellogan.com/
Kathleen Bradean http://kathleenbradean.blogspot.com/
Kathrynn Bell https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kathrynn-Bell/174443232630732
Lady Kathleen http://ladykathleen.com/
Laura Bogart http://www.laurabogart.com/
Laura Sherman http://laurasherman.com/
Leah Lakshmi http://www.brownstargirl.org/

Lisa Bolekaja http://lisabolekaja.wordpress.com/

Lisa Marie Basile- http://lisamariebasile.tumblr.com/
Marianne Kirby http://www.xojane.com/author/Marianne
Marina Nguyen http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Animal-People-ebook/dp/B005F6EI1G
Marousia http://marousia.wordpress.com/
Mary Anne Mohanraj http://www.mamohanraj.com/
Mary Hamilton http://www.rosemetalpress.com/Catalog/whatweR.html
Melissa Broder http://www.melissabroder.com/
Milcah Orbacedo http://milcahorbacedo.com/
N.K. Jemison nkjemisin.com
Nalo Hopkinson http://nalohopkinson.com/blogmain
Naughtie Scribe http://naughtiescribe.com/
Nisi Shawl http://t.co/61DEhyIL
Nnedi Okorafor http://www.nnedi.com/

Rebecca Walker http://www.amazon.com/Ad%C3%A9-Love-Story-Rebecca-Walker/dp/054414922X
Remittance Girl http://www.remittancegirl.com
Renee Asher Pickup http://www.reneeasherpickup.com/
Roxane Gay http://www.roxanegay.com/
Sabina England ‏http://www.sabinaengland.com/
Sarah Katherine Lewis https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/272669.Sarah_Katherine_Lewis
Sari Botton http://saribotton.tumblr.com/
Seanan McGuire http://www.seananmcguire.com/
Sharazade http://sharazade.fannypress.com/
Suey Park https://www.facebook.com/JustSuey
Sumayyah Talibah http://sumayyahsaidso.com/
Summer Brennan http://www.summer-brennan.com/
Tannarive Due http://www.tananarivedue.blogspot.com/
Tapati McDaniels http://tapati.wordpress.com/
Zane http://www.eroticanoir.com
Zoe Hansen http://lzhansen.com/

4 thoughts on “Women Writers for you To Read

  1. I’m working painfully slowly on a long read. Here’s one of the completed elements. I have performed it live, and am about to perform the next one. My plan is to create perhaps five of these, coming in at 15 minutes read out, get them out there via radio and youtube for free, then write more around them, so really I’m aiming at something which is entirely written for the spoken word, which people can see me perform or hear bits of easily, but then not get short changed if they do, eventually, buy the audiobook. So far it’s only available to read, though. http://elaine4queen.wordpress.com/pattern-recognition/

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